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You’ll want to create a valuable incentive to entice people to sign up to your email list.

Email autoresponders and four-part video series are great because they allow you to deliver value quickly through multiple points of contact. Webinars are my personal favourite because this can shorten the trust building window to as little as one hour. Once again, all of these are completely automated.

If done correctly, your automated sales system will produce a very predictable and reliable income month after month.

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One-on-one vs Group coaching online

Forget any misconceptions you have about one on one coaching being better than group coaching online. I have profited more by offering automated 12-week group coaching programs and my clients have often achieved better results. My busy mom’s audience is a perfect example. For six years now, I have been successfully selling an automated 12-week program for $5,000.

You’ll need to decide which type of content will best serve your customers (videos, webinars, podcasts, etc.) and what information they will need to guide them through their transformation journey to the desired end result.

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