5 E-learning Trends To Check In The Year 2020

by Anand Tiwary October 13, 2020

Believe it or not the global e-learning market is growing at a faster rate than predicted. The current estimation shows that the market will reach the figures of $398.15 billion by the year 2026. If you are not an existing player, in the market, then it is about time you create your online academy and enjoy the perks that come with it.

Now if you already have an online academy and you are operating your business for sometime then you should do well to know the latest trends that you can capitalize on. Amongst many other features one of the most striking features of is that we like to keep our clients up-to-date with the latest trends of the market.

So, we now discuss the 5 most striking features that all online academy creators must know about.

Learning Experience Platform – LXP

If you are operating an e-learning platform then you must know what a LMS is. The Learning Experience Platform or LXP is the next version of the same thing. The learning experience platform offers a more dynamic learning technology and mechanism which will enable you to reach out to your students with much ease. has always focused on allowing the users to embed more video contents and conduct Webinars. So, with our latest software technologies you can easily upload and sell your video courses thereby attracting a huge pool of online students.

Learner Progress Analysis and Reporting

Learner analytics is used to review student behavior and improve training. There are countless tools available for that, from Learning Management Systems. At we already have a comprehensive set of learner progress analysis tools.

Starting from Fool Proof Online exams to complete Certifications our perfect course builders are embedded with reporting and learning progress analysis tools. If you are already having an e-learning firm then you can check out our latest features.

Big Data Analysis in eLearning

From the eLearning point of view “Big Data” is data collected from students’ activities and their performance, but the volume of this data is beyond the ability of traditional databases to capture, manage and process with low latency. So Big Data Analysis helps to structure and present the data in suitable formats.

At we enable you with the mechanism of evaluating your course progress with structured infographic and you will be able to understand the progress of your students and your courses. The data analytics of is quite strong and you will have no issues in determining the overall performances of your respective courses.


The concept of Gamification is gaining much attention in the e-learning domain. It tends to boost the overall user engagement and consequently the learning outcomes. E-learning experts believe that the online interfaces offer a alternate mode of learning for the users and for that reasons gamification is becoming extremely important. allows the online academies to gamify their overall courses and lecturers so that the students enjoy the interactive interfaces and relish the learning process. The tempetations of gaining for achievement badges or avatar upgrages will lure the users to puruse more courses and complete lectuers at a faster pace. Read more about this idea at one of our latest blog on how to use gamification in e-learning .


Artificial Intelligence

Experts believe that Artificial Intelligence is most definitely the future of e-learning. There can be a number of possibilities for Artificial Intelligence to improve the eLearning experience. Think of it as your own virtual teacher that assists in your training.

The advantage of AI mentors is that they are available for learners via any device to provide help and the info required round-the-clock. Moreover, a cloud-based LMS can be easily integrated with existing AI-powered robot assistants. At we offer extensive cloud based LMS which will enable you to create your own bots and teach and grades students without any manual interferences. is one of the most advanced online academy creator and course builder in the industry. In order to get hold of all the latest trends of the e-learning industry you can check out our latest features.

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