5 Reasons why YouTubers should use a Proper Online Business Platform

by Anand Tiwary October 13, 2020

The last decade had witnessed a fascinating revolution. The latest digital trends have connected the world and made us realize that we are not alone even when we are alone. From setting up your door alarm to cooking your favorite apple-pie, every bit of information is available online…and now in the form of videos. No need to stress yourself by reading the long manuals and instructions and wreck yourself trying to visualize the images. Videos give you every details in the most vivid and graphic manner possible.

It is the age of Online Tutorials and YouTube is the platform of choice. Thousands of YouTubers are uploading contents on a daily basis. Some of them have viewership over a million. But are all of them making the same about of money? The answer is a Big No!

According to Luke Young, a YouTuber and a Motivational coach, it is indeed very difficult to get noticed in YouTube let alone build a loyal audience. Luke who has more than 65K followers on YouTube and Instagram mentions that the reality is very challenging when it comes to the point of making constant money through these channels.

“People don’t take you seriously unless you have a proper website. YouTube is mostly for freeloaders. Yes, let me enjoy a clip for free…thank you very much. But will they actually pay? Never” said Luke.

“Moreover it is very difficult to make money through YouTube. Partners, of your industry will tend to offer you laughable deals if you have anything less than a million subscribers…. Do you really have an idea how many years it takes to get such a huge number of subscribers?” Luke added.

The reality is quite painful. Despite the quality of the content many YouTubers find it difficult to continue with their channel. The cost of making videos puts additional burden on their operations.

That is why we at are offering an easy solution. We think that if you have a knowledge or passion to sell…then do it properly. Here are the 5 reasons why a YouTuber should use a proper online business platform.

Get Your Own Brand

Your logo or your icon is hardly visible in YouTube. Your audience or followers will hardly associate your brands with you. Realistically speaking, if your contents are not overwhelmingly unique, then chances are that you are in tough competition. That is why getting your own Brand and URL is mandatory when you are in the digital business. Online business creating platforms like offer you affordable alternatives of owning a unique website according to your choice of look and feel.

Earn Money from the Users

YouTube is a common marketplace where everyone can browse for free. Then even if a person actually likes your digital products he/she would not pay you for it. Owning your own website will allow you to sell your online tutorials at a price you choose. It will help you separate the wheat from the chaff. It is better to have a hundred paying audiences than a million people subscribed in your list, just for the sake of it.

Keep on Earning from Old Contents

In YouTube, your old contents are barely visible to your audience. Only a superfan will mine through the endless array of videos to watch one of your old videos. Then again, they will not pay for it. It is just another view added to your account. However, in a proper online business platform you can store and sell your previously made contents to new users. You do not need to create new contents every week. The pressure is less and the control is yours.

You Get a One-in-All Solution

Top quality online academy creators like offer you a single platform to create, market, and sell your digital products. So you do not need hunt for the various online apps and keep on checking through a third-party service provider whether or not you have being paid. These online academy creators come with the option of connecting your PayPal account so that you can monetize your business without much hassle. The social media plug-ins also allows you to market your online courses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even on YouTube.

Track Your Audience

The best part of these online academy creators is that they give you the complete autonomy. You can not only create and sell the online contents but also at the same time you can keep an eye on your subscribers. You can check their progress and find out who are more loyal than the rest. Based on these statistics you can cross-sell and up-sell your digital products. Moreover, offers you the option of 1-1 chats or text messages alternatives, which will enable your followers to leave a comment, anytime they desire. You do not have to mine through the hundreds of posts in the comments thread of YouTube to check what they have said.

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