6 Tips to Use Gamification in E-Learning

by Anand Tiwary October 13, 2020

There is no point denying the fact that gamification makes learning fast and easy. The main difference of online education and regular brick-n-mortar universities is that the former is fun. An online academy can be a teacher, a friend, or even a game for the user to collect points and become a highest scoring learner.

According to the trend of elearning industry the catch of online education is that it is fast and easy and the learners can acquire skills on the go. The gurus of online academy suggest that gamification not only makes it easier for the tutors to teach their students but at the same time it makes them addicted to the concept of learning.

At we offer fabulous tools for gamification in your online academy and you can quite easily make your course popular.

Find the Gap

Modern students want to learn fast. They want to achieve everything in a jiffy. Forget about the classrooms with white walls and black boards. They now learn and take tests while traveling in the metro or doing the grocery. For that reason it is important to understand what types of courses they are taking. Read our blog on the top 5 course ideas that will help your online academy make instant money.

Get them Hooked

Think of your course as a form of a game with levels to achieve. The initial level should be the easiest followed by tests and scores in order to achieve the consequent levels. Design your courses like a game. The synchronous course building modules of will help you get such crazy level of gamification in your e-learning platform.

Provide Interactive Training Environment

The entire interface should be interactive enough for the students. They are now not ready to go through 4-5 pages of written manual. They want to know on the go. That is why it is essential that the design of your academy should be interesting enough for the users to be able to navigate it on their own. They should be able to find the next stages of the courses on their own and without much effort.

Badges, Stickers, and Buttons

Your learners would be quite attached to their laptops and smartphones. Their profile may be full of bumper stickers, buttons, and profile image overlays. This kind of learner would respond to training badges, so use those to entice interaction. Offer them badges they can post even on their non-corporate profiles. It’ll keep them coming back to the app.

Offer Daily Scoring Opportunities

High level online e-learning academies tempt the users with regular notifications and points earning opportunities. Industry experts believe that daily motivations and scoring opportunities are good for highly motivated learners. They use micro-rewards to nudge you. For example, you might get a free gift if you open the app on consecutive days, or they might offer bonus coins/points you can earn every day. This reward program will be independent of regular gameplay. The idea is to help you form the habit of regular engagement.

Choose the Correct Gamification LMS

The concept of Gamification is gaining much attention in the e-learning domain. It tends to boost the overall user engagement and consequently the learning outcomes. E-learning experts believe that the online interfaces offer a alternate mode of learning for the users and for that reasons gamification is becoming extremely important. allows the online academies to gamify their overall courses and lecturers so that the students enjoy the interactive interfaces and relish the learning process. The temptations of gaining for achievement badges or avatar upgrades will lure the users to pursue more courses and complete lectures at a faster pace. Read more about this idea at one of our latest blog on how to use gamification in e-learning.

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