7 Marvelous Tips to Sell your Online Courses in 2020

by Anand Tiwary October 13, 2020

Side income comes as a secret blessing for every professional. Things get much easier when you create an online academy and attract thousands of students. It is much better than running a YouTube channel, if you ask me. The platforms are better and the payment is guaranteed. Online academies enable you to build courses and sell your videos at much faster rate.

Moreover, no one can view your courses for free unless you want them to. That means you have the entire control on your own contents. Now that you have gained control it is time to market and sell the material. Marketing your online academy is a constant game and you have to be up to the mark in order to do so.

At we offer full guidance to our clients to host and market their online courses. Here are few steps which will help you boost your online business.

Identify your audience

Get as proper idea as you can about who your target audiences are. Know their demographics.  Ask yourself what do they want to learn? You can also think why do they need to learn it? Sometimes people pursue online courses to gain a certification to advance their careers

Sometimes they just learn an essential skill that will improve their prospects or achieve compliance in their industry. These are few types of courses that people will pay for. It has certain value to them because it helps them to achieve their goals.

Follow the Forums and Social Media Pages

You need to stalk your potential learners, online. Check out their forums. Learn about them.  Get to know their likes, desires and gripes.

Find out what frustrates them. What things do they desire from the existing courses? Identify the gaps in the courses available in the market.  That will help you to mould your course offer to address their inner motivations more directly and thus create real value. Talk to a few of them – it can’t hurt, and you can get valuable insights.

Pitching is so Important

Place your course as per your audience. Do not pitch something which will go over their head, entirely. Remain approachable in your pitch. Do not sound too obscure. People do not desire to go back to school where they were made to feel bad. Online courses should be fun. That is why you should make it sound fun. Be it professional courses or regular life skill courses you can definitely pitch it in an attractive way.

Focus your Courses on Your Expertise

Find your niche and aim to build a brand in it. Do not go wayward in your pursuit. Unless you have a substantial budget and you aim to run a whole online university, you’ll need to have a specialty. Even if you are building an online university, then also focus on a typical type or pattern of courses. Do not mix it too much. It will dilute your brand.

Build a loyal following first – you can diversify later when you’ve got a good number of learners on board.

Create a Hook which help you Fish

Identify what makes your courses different from the rest? Then work on it. Entice your learners with some special features. Think about your target audience. What will interest the targeted demographic? Use catchy titles. Like “Learn French in a Week” or “Python Programming for Dummies”. Those are just two ideas. Get creative with this and shape your offer to draw people in and get them reading the course description.

Lay Out a well designed Learning Curve

Every student likes to achieve. They ask what is next. Your online courses and your online academy should be able to provide the students with a direction. There are synchronous courses and non-synchronous courses. The former will allow you to place one course after another.

Plan a series of courses that have a straightforward progression and take them on a learning journey. Make the learning outcomes clear for each stage of the journey. That way you won’t only sell one course to them, but a series of courses. Keep them coming back for more.

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