A “New Normal” And How It Will Change The Learning Habits

by Anand Tiwary August 08, 2020

The pandemic might have hot everyone hard but humanity always finds a way and hence webinars are being conducted with the existing content. New content is not generated due to the lockdown and hence the demand for existing courses and LMS access has grown

Substantially. The demand for learning has increased drastically due to the fact that most of the people are working from home and hence they are saving the commute time and gaining more time each day for themselves. People tend to work longer and better in-home than the office as they feel comfortable and there is no clear boundary between the two times for work and personal life and they can overlap. Here are some tips which will help you create and sell online courses  according to the new normal that is prevailing among this pandemic

Online and Virtual training is the goto option

With the travel time and costs being slashed totally. Many people are investing their newfound wealth into developing themselves. They are majorly doing this via courses and thus they are looking for short courses more than the longer ones as of primarily two reasons. First being that nobody knows how long this work from home shall be continued and the second being that short courses allow them to complete multiple ones in the same stipulated amount of time.

The Training Paradigm will change

Previously the format was like 70% of the course was offline and the rest is virtual but now the scenario has been reversed with online taking up to more than 70% of the course and the rest being put as offline. Thus online courses need to be more detailed to make up for this shift in control and help the users navigate easily through the course.

Doubts and Clarification needs to be addressed online


will be the new norm for the learning experience and the doubts and Clarification classes need to be held online and there should be enough manpower or capability of the LMS to handle all of them. Thus the LMS should be ready to handle the huge workload and the traffic that might come on its way.

A huge number of new recruits

After the Pandemic ends and the recession period gets over, there will be a huge list of new recruitment to fill up the laid-off employee’s space and more. Thus they all will need to be trained and doing this online is the best way instead of scheduling offline class after class as the instructor will also get tired and the scheduling of classes will consume unnecessary resources which can be avoided via making it online. Thus keeping it online and preparing new content for the freshers is a good way to think ahead of the curve and prepare yourself for the future

Training media will be new

AR/VR will become a widespread entity in the near future and it can be used for skill-based training to stimulate an identical environment as of a classroom for the purpose of sales or other complex topics which require proper hands-on. This is a concept for the future when the course can be ported for AR/VR medium too. This type of content will enable trainers to go for an experience as compared to other content styles. This type of content will help the learners be more active and pay attention to the course.

Training professionals have to adapt and adjust to this new environment

With Covid-19 bringing about changes, training professionals also need to change a lot of things about their normal procedure and methods. To adjust to the new normal and move ahead with this new normal, here are a few pointers for training professionals:

  • Collect knowledge about the total business operations and its substitute processes
  • Learn and enhance skills regarding virtual scenario building that helps them to create the proper support for their learners.
  • Build a network and connections to include subject experts and business or media experts that can help them to create something detailed and highly impactful.

Most of the pointers and guidelines mentioned here can help you to adapt to the new normal and make necessary changes so that your business keeps growing and your learners are always satisfied with their experience. With, you can create and make changes to your digital academy with ease and move ahead knowing that you have the necessary support to create and market your online courses seamlessly.

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