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The last decade had witnessed a fascinating revolution. The latest digital trends have connected the world and made us realize
Affordable and available internet has largely influenced our lives. Every day, the internet expands its vast knowledge grasp to include
Daily hundreds of blogs are being posted online on the current e-learning trends and learner engagement strategies. Highlighting the technological
Believe it or not the global e-learning market is growing at a faster rate than predicted. The current estimation shows
Statistics show that upskilling your employees are 63% cheaper than hiring fresh talent or outsourcing work to third-party firms. The
Whilst creating online courses is now not a challenge but making constant money from it remains a hurdle. Plenty of
Creating and selling courses online requires a lot of effort and smart decisions. One of the best ways of staying
things education institutes learn from covid-19
For a long time, the world has struggled for an equal right to education. All of that is now over
Tips to implement the perfect LMS for training companies
There are a lot of LMS out there for training companies but not all of them are perfect. A perfect
Ultimate E-Learning Authoring Tools
With the variety of E-learning tools that are available on the market today, it is not very easy to select
E-learning is a method that is the inevitable future of learning. As more colleges begin to introduce fully remote semesters
Corporate training has gone through various phases and moved from various instructor-led courses to autonomous and ultimately 100% self-dependant courses


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