Basic Features your Next SaaS for LMS Absolutely Must Have

by Anand Tiwary June 18, 2020

Online LMS training can be more beneficial than you can ever imagine and in this article, we are going to talk about some of the best ways of how to use an LMS to your best advantage.

An LMS has a lot of features which you might be aware or unaware of. Not all of it is connected with E-Learning and some of the extra features help to run the organisation smoothly. There are a lot of SaaS out there loaded with a ton of features and you might be wondering which one to pick? Well, do not worry, in this article we are gonna talk about the important features which every SaaS for LMS must have and what features you should look out for while choosing the best LMS for your organisation.

Feedback and Reports

If you want to create and sell online courses then you will need feedback from a lot of corners of your operation. Now, some of you may be thinking that reports and feedback add unnecessary work to your plate and they aren’t all that important. However, data gathered from your learners can help you go a long way when you are considering how to improve your online course or strengthen your business’ weak spots. Reports can tell you a lot of things depending on what data you have requested a ping for. For example, whenever a learner logs in to your LMS or they begin a course, a report can be generated and sent to you. This way, not only can you track the progress of your learners, but you also get glaring warnings when someone is about to drop out or discontinue any particular course. Feedback from your learners also works on a similar level to create insights and metrics that you can use to create a better online course or training module. Now that you know the importance of metrics, you should also know that all LMS does not offer the same level of customised reports or advanced reporting systems. Depending on your needs, you need to select an LMS that records and reports the particular aspects that you are looking for.

Technical support and additional features

When it comes to a Learning Management system, you need to look out for a strong support feature while choosing amongst your options. When it comes to your learning platform, you may need something that has multiple support options that are accessible to your learners as well as your employees. What this means is that you should look out for an LMS that offers support in real-time via chats or email options. This means that irrespective of who needs help, your employees or learners can easily reach out to the technical support teams via email, real-time chat or some other avenue. In addition to technical support, you should also look out for some additional features while selecting an LMS for your digital academy. Some of those additional features include premium tools such as authoring and creative tools, marketing support, accessible learning apps, social media integration tools and of course superior graphics.

Data storage and eCommerce support

If you want to sell course online then one of the first things that you should look out for is an LMS that has a secure payment gateway. Secure payment gateways are immensely important because it will protect your transactions and your target audience will find it easy to trust your digital academy and make a payment. Digital academies also generate a lot of data. Data is created not only from the online course itself but also from the multiple reports and feedback generation that is required to run the business smoothly. These data cannot be deleted or removed when it becomes too much. Hence, you should look out for Learning management systems that offer data storage options such as a cloud-based memory which will securely store your data so that you can access it whenever you want.

Thus while choosing the best LMS for you, you need to keep these features as your priority. If you are having trouble as to where you can find such platform, then don’t worry, is the ultimate online course building platform where you can design and launch your courses in a very short time. To create the best virtual learning experience for your workforce. You can visit the website and use their advanced course building tool to your advantage and build great courses out of it.

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