COVID-19: Lockdown – How To Utilize This Time More Productively For Future

by Anand Tiwary July 15, 2020

The worldwide pandemic has us all under lockdown. The atmosphere may be tense with people cooped up indoors for weeks on end but there’s no need to feel blue. We all have an abundance of time on our hands these few weeks as we do our part and stay indoors to flatten the curve. Most of you are thinking about the same thing on loop: What can we do to kill time and also be productive?

While there are some of you who have adapted well to self-quarantine and have a number of hobbies to take up during the abundant free time, some of you may not be doing so well. To help you out, we have compiled a list of hobbies, academic goals and miscellaneous fun tasks that you can choose from. We have picked these tasks and put them into the list because not only are they fun to do but they can also be useful to you in the future. If you’re cooped up at home without a single interesting thing to do then pick out any of the following tasks and get started!

  1. Accent, dialect, expression: Have you ever wondered about the secrets and hidden styles of foreign languages? Well, now is the time to figure out whether you can conquer the language you have always dreamed of learning. One of the most interesting tasks that you can take up during this lockdown phase is to learn a new language. Do it with a few of your close friends and you can have your own secret code that you can use to share secrets! A number of digital academies sell online courses that can help you to learn a new language within 14 days. So get started and have fun learning new languages and their various nuances.
  2. Code like a pro: Shake off the apocalyptic mood by logging in some serious time with the online courses where new skills and other coding languages are taught. After the COVID-19 lockdown phase, businesses will return to their usual states and you can become a hot commodity by simply upskilling yourself in the interim! If you have special coding skills that you want to share with others then simply create and sell online courses using simple gear such as a recording device and a good mic. You can also use online course building tools to share your knowledge with tons of e-learners.
  3. Become a master chef: How many times have you wished for restaurant-quality food within the comfort of your home? Well, this quarantine lockdown phase can help you become a master chef. All you need is an internet connection and access to online courses or even simple YouTube videos. So grab the food ingredients that are available at your home and search for a fancy recipe online or create an online video of the recipes that you know of. Share the love and have a feast with your family or friends at home during this quarantine.
  4. Fitness training: With our fast-paced lives, many of us do not focus on our bodies and fitness ventures become a rare activity. During this lockdown phase, you can take up online courses which teach you how to do yoga at home with proper poses and also how to do cardio or strength training without going out of your homes.
  5. Explore hobbies: So, a lot of us do not have fixed hobbies because our lives are fast-paced and this might be the first time in a while that you don’t have to rush to do something. We have the perfect solution for such people. Now is the time to try out a number of stuff that you’ve simply not had the time to do these past few years. Have you been wondering how it feels to be a teacher and host a class of students? Then simply connect to online course building platforms such as COA and create online courses with the topics you have knowledge of. Here’s a list of some quirky hobbies that you can take up during this lockdown phase:
  • Build a treehouse
  • Take up gardening
  • Feed a stray dog or bird near your house
  • Take up a wealthy waste project and utilise your household waste products
  • Read a book from a genre you have never tried before
  • Take up gaming with your friends and family.
  • Learns graphics or animation skills
  • Paint or use colours to have fun and design anything you fancy.
  • Take up calligraphy
  • Learn baking
  • Take up yoga or other fitness training. has a huge number of teachers registered with us hosts a number of online courses which cover topics amongst the ones we have listed here. So, use your free time wisely and have some fun playing around with hobbies that you have never tried before.

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