How to Create Engaging and Interactive Video Courses

by Anand Tiwary April 08, 2020

The secret is out. Video courses are the most popular in the domain of online education. But creating a video lecture does not necessarily guarantee you an instant success. Like every other form of art you need to master this one, too. So can you do it?

Let us throw some lights on the various factors which make an online video lecture interesting. Check out what is in and what is out in the world of online education.

Add some Bookmarks

If you add a bookmark feature in your online video course then you are certainly a game ahead from your competitors. It is unlikely that your learner will complete a long course at one go. Bookmarking your videos makes it much easier for learners to customize the experience. You should add bookmarks to relevant highlights in the content so that the learner can hop back and forth between sections. Allowing them to add their own bookmarks can also help them retain the sections that are more difficult for them.

Add in-video Questions

There is nothing like adding a bit of a challenge in the middle of your video course. This will surely test whether or not the learner is following the module properly. However, do not make it too difficult that the learner loses interest and finds it very stressful. Simple multiple choice questions often do the trick. Add a little bit of drag-n-drop or a fill-in-the-blank to keep the learners on their toes. This will also help them to feel more connected with the lecture. A sense of achievement often makes a video course more interesting.

Animations are Certainly Winning

Layering animations within your video lecture used to be regarded as a frivolous act. But times have changed. Trends suggest that even in corporate training videos adding little animations often help the learners stay focused to the screen. Animations are the perfect visual simulations that you need to create online courses in video form an instant success.

Useful Pop-Ups

Just like animations, pop-ups were not very popular. In fact they were regarded as one of the most notorious elements in the arena of the World Wide Web. However, now pop-ups are again considered to be useful especially when you are undertaking some online courses. In this case, consider adding pop-up buttons to give easy access to helpful documents for your learners. By adding these buttons, your learners will be reminded that these helpful documents are there to support them. It will also provide additional context to the video

Caption the Scenes

In the era of Netflix and Amazon Prime substitutes and captions have become a trend. Closed-captioning is an important part of interactive course creation. And it’s not just for people who are hard-of-hearing. Some learners have a better time understanding something when it is in written form.

At we also allow our online academy builders with a scope of introducing learn-bots as a mean of interacting with the learners and making the virtual interface a lively one.

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