Digital and Comprehensive Online Assessment

by Anand Tiwary December 28, 2020
Digital and Comprehensive Online Assessment

The future of Online Assessment lies in Digital and comprehensive online assessments in the form of Subjective and MCQ questions. The latest advancements in technology have made it possible to conduct the exams online with the software that suits your needs.

Digital Online Assessment

Online and digital assessment is a form of evaluation with some specific skills and abilities which can be evaluated online. Technology is swiftly changing all aspects of our living and even this part too. The education might not be fully ready for an online shift, but we are slowly getting there.

It can provide education to everyone despite their location, race, gender, and other discriminatory factors, and hence it can provide education across the globe. The advantages of online exams are both applicable for candidates and the institution. They can significantly decrease the burden of management and the issues that come with conducting an exam.

It all depends on the software you are using and how it suits your needs. The need for a teacher can also be eliminated by automating the checking process and giving instant results to the candidates. Below are some of the significant advantages of using a Digital and Online Assessment exam.

  • Instant evaluation and grading with proper feedback
  • No chance of human errors
  • Dramatically reduces the burden from the institution and the candidates.
  • The freedom of being able to be present anywhere with a good internet connection and proper device.
  • No wastage of physical paper or any other items in the online mode
  • Preferred way of exam for many.

Some of the disadvantages are :

  • Chances of cheating are high in such scenarios due to a lack of a physical instructor.
  • The loss of connection or a weak connection might pose an issue to the online exam.

The two disadvantages can be mitigated by turning the video camera on and keeping an AI or invigilator to keep track of the candidate. The ability to reconnect within 1 minute or a stipulated amount of time should be given as an opportunity for people who have a weak internet connection. Thus with these solutions, online assessments become a very viable way to conduct assessments.

Comprehensive Online Assessment

Digital Learning or E-learning often requires various types of assessments to judge the progress of their learners. Converting all kinds of assessments to an online format is not only sustainable but also quite effortless.

Comprehensive online assessments are a great tool to critique the progress of the learner. Now, there are a number of pros of using comprehensive online assessments in a digital classroom or course.

There are a number of benefits of using comprehensive online assessments for offline coursework as well. In this section, we will cover the major features of comprehensive online assessments that can benefit any educator or course creator.

Advantages of Comprehensive online assessments

  • Remotely Accessible: Students can easily prepare for their exams and log into the exam platforms at their convenience. Remote access allows students to be in their comfort zone, which often enhances their performance.
  • Wider scope: While classrooms and offline teaching is limited to a certain physical location, online assessments and courses can reach a wider audience. Learners from remote areas or physically challenged learners can also tap into the online form of education and assessment.
  • Depth of Assessment: A Comprehensive online assessment can cover a lot of topics and deeply assess the knowledge of the learner. As an educator, you can use the comprehensive style of online assessments to create a performance analysis of individual learners. Reports from such assessments can help you to personalize a learning plan for your learner.

Comprehensive Online Assessments for Online Courses

You can easily create comprehensive online assessments for your E-learning courses. There’s no need for extra costs of printing questions or hiring a team to check answers and other operation costs. All you need to do is curate a few questions on some topics and upload them on your LMS for your learners.

To utilize the max benefits of the Comprehensive style of assessments, you can use tools to generate performance reports that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of individual learners.

The above methods are the most preferred ways for online assessment, and now it has been widely accepted by many institutions to conduct exams. These exams can be conducted from anywhere without any location constraints or time constraints, according to the exam. Some exams allow you a range of time between which you can choose your suitable time, and you always have the freedom of location to give your exam.

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