Does your Online Course Content complement the LMS?

by Anand Tiwary July 15, 2020

As an online content creator or moderator, you all are aware of the importance of relevant and effective content. All digital academy creators work hard to create content that is attractive for their target learners in order to make sure that their engagement with their courses is high and in turn, creates a lot of profits. However, in spite of all kinds of efforts on your part sometimes students are still not attracted towards your content and they may seem to just lose interest after some percentage of the course is over. How can you stop this? What might be the most probable reason that is driving away your students from your digital academies and online courses?

In this article, we are going to explore how your content may be the reason why you have low retention rates and your students do not finish the course entirely even when they have purchased it. We all know that content is the king of the operation when it comes to online businesses focusing on digital academies and courses. Here, there are a few checks and analytics listed that you can utilise to find out if your content is complementing your LMS or it is driving students away. To retain more students and increase their engagement level with your online courses, follow the sections given here for some tricks relevant strategies.



Know your LMS before designing content

A Learning Management System or LMS is mainly utilised by professionals to make sure that there is an order to their online course as well as good graphics and proper visibility. However, you need to ask yourself if you really know the specifics about your LMS. All online platforms and LMS have certain flaws or certain properties that make them well suited to deal with specific content formats while they cannot properly handle other content formats. For example, you LMS might display and run through your curated videos very well but it may not have a good reader system to display pdfs and other digital papers or ebooks.

Depending on the properties of your LMS you need to design your content and make sure that it complements your LMS. Depending on the learning path that you want to create for your learners, you need to make sure that your LMS displays your content fluidly and is easy to use. For example, some LMS might have complicated steps with respect to performing a certain task. Now, if your students need to perform this task regularly throughout the duration of the course, then they will certainly feel put out and they might even drop the course as a result. Hence, you need to make sure that your content is curated to be not only efficient and core topic relevant but it also needs to look good on your LMS.

Know your audience and their needs

To make sure that your course content compliments your LMS you need to go through the step known as target audience selection. In this step, you need to carve out a certain niche of learners whom you want to target for your online courses. While identifying your target audience you need to keep in mind several things such as their topics of interest, their age, their dexterity with technology and so on. Along with this you also need to focus on your LMS and how it would mesh with your content to provide the final result to your learners. For example, if your LMS is compatible with amazing graphics then your content needs to make the most of that and utilise it to provide your learners with the most amazing learning experience. This would ensure that the expectations and needs of your target audience are met from day 1 till they finish the course.

To successfully make the most of an amazing LMS you need to pick out its strong points and make sure that your content complements it to create a final result that is impressive for your audience. To make sure that you have identified the right target audience and their needs are being fulfilled by your course, you can create surveys and other feedback options so that students feel encouraged to speak out about any problems rather than drop the course. provides you with a powerful LMS that contains every tool that you can imagine along with compatibility with all formats of content such as audio, video, pdf, e-book, txt and so on. Contact us today

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