E-learning Predictions for 2021

by Anand Tiwary January 11, 2021

As the new year approaches with the new trends, the online market will surely see some changes for either the good or bad but how it will turn out can only be determined in due time. Organizations should be on the lookout on how they can update themselves and hence here are some of the predictions for the year 2021.

1. Various Learning Experience Platforms

After the great success of an LMS or a learning management system, the next challenge will be learning experience platforms in 2021 which will no doubt gather audience fast due to its various features. Many companies are projected to use this method to promote self-directed learning to upskill their employees.

It is no doubt the future of online learning as previously the content was the main focus of the software but this year the focus is more on the user and content experience and not just the content. This enables them to provide a better user experience for everyone which will help them to understand and learn better.

2. Better big Data Analytics

Data analytics has always allowed the content creators to improve their courses by understanding the pattern and behaviours of the users. The new trend that has been building up for quite some time is the collection of more and relevant data which can help the creator to make the course better and to make the overall experience better for the user.

The collection of more data will ensure that the training ROI or return on investment will be better and by improving the experience of the learners, the overall retention rates and they can learn better. SO with more Data Analytics, the overall experience and learning factor will improve for all the learners.

3. AI Instructors

Human instructors have sure worked well in the past but there are some limitations like availability and the fact that there are a limited number of instructors if not only one. With the help of AI and chatbots, a virtual instructor can be implemented to cater to all the learners simultaneously, no matter how many learners there are.

Thus the AI can solve doubts in real-time of all learners and the problems of availability and number of instructors are gone. The other side is that the level of the efficiency of the AI or Artificial Intelligence will depend on how well it is trained and made human-like. So it might falter on questions which might be not from the course or there needs to be edge cases to handle erroneous questions.

4. MR, VR and AR

Augmented reality is known as AR, virtual reality is known as VR and mixed reality is known as MR. In Augmented reality, the real world is blended and the virtual world is put on top of it so that it blends perfectly and seem seamless with the real world. Some examples are holograms and other real-life illusions where simple diagrams and explanations can make the most out of AR.

Virtual reality is where the user is immersed in virtual reality while he is in the real world. Most of the times it is done by a headset which covers the eyes and projects the virtual world and makes the learner believe that he is somewhere he is not. This helps in the immersion factor and increases the overall learning efficiency of the learner.

The last but not least, mixed reality is the one which utilizes the best features of both AR and VR and blends them to give the best user experience by decreasing the disadvantages and increasing the overall learning efficiency of the learners.

5. User Content Generation

It is relatively a new concept regarding content creation but the new technology which facilitate easy collaboration, also enable other users to create content on your platform or course and thus user content creation is a new paradigm in online learning where the shift is changed towards the user and what they want.

More content means more learning opportunity for the learners and hence they will be able to upskill themselves and increase their skillset. This is both beneficial for the learner and the content creator. Many new content creators will be able to share their knowledge and reach out to a wider audience with this method.

The trends mentioned above are some of the new and emerging trends which will soon take over the traditional methods and replace them as they are more efficient and effective in many ways. The organizations are starting to realise this fact and soon everyone will adopt the new trends and methods.

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