E-learning Strategies for Employees Working from Home

by Anand Tiwary July 17, 2020

Work from Home strategies presents their fair share of challenges. One of the greatest challenges that industries are trying to overcome right now is employee training while they work from home. If your business is growing or you simply want to ensure the growth of your workforce during this phase of global lockdown then you are probably facing a block on how to conduct these upskilling training online.

In this article, we are going to explore a number of ideas that can revive your leadership and training modules and help them create the best impact on all your employees even as they work from home. During these uncertain times, employees are also under tremendous mental strain as the world deals with COVID-19 and its repercussions. Keeping this in mind, here’s a list of things that you can do to ease your employees into leadership and training modules:

  1. Reduce costs: During these uncertain times, a lot of employees will feel burdened if your training costs are significant. If you want to create and sell courses online then you need to empathise with the current needs of your learners. Virtual learning experiences are essential for your workforce and to encourage them to invest their time and money into corporate eLearning courses, you need to reduce the costs of the courses. Smart choices and concise learning nuggets can help you cut down your course costs while maintaining the quality of content offered to your learners.
  2. Launch/design a website or mobile app: If you do not have a mobile app or bespoke website for your digital academy then now might be a great time to launch one. There are a lot of challenges that you need to consider while launching a corporate eLearning app during this global lockdown. However, if you do have a working app then there are a number of benefits for you as well as your learners. Your learners can continue their courses in phases while working from home or cooking a meal or even as they rest. Smartphones and other devices have made it super accessible for your learners to just relax and absorb the course content at their leisure.
  3. Integrate Social media events into your digital academy: As the global lockdown progress through months, people are practically bored and attached to their smartphones throughout the day. The same thing goes for employees who are working from home. Most of us open social media to be entertained out of the boredom of sitting at home and going from work to chores. You need to capitalise on the large social media presence of your workforce. Create events or quizzes where winners are awarded points or prizes. Design these quizzes to be fun or creative enough so that your learners are engaged and competitive enough to progress through your courses at a healthy rate. Social media is the ultimate platform for connecting to your learners and initiating activities that generate interest. At you get to choose from the top social media tools to not only connect with your learners but also market your online courses to a number of learners who can benefit from your courses.
  4. Use learning strategies: Learning strategies such as blended learning, adaptive learning, modular learning and scenario-based learning are very efficient when it comes to student retention and good performance. To ensure that your courses are benefitting your learners fully, you need to integrate some realistic scenarios or engaging narratives that the learner needs to navigate in order to apply the knowledge from your course and remember it better. Work from home makes it very difficult for you to organise courses that are equally effective on all workers or learners. In this case, the one size fits all approach might not be good enough. Adaptive learning, on the other hand, will help you get the best from your resources and provide a customised approach towards understanding the needs of your learners. With mobile apps, social media events as well as these learning strategies, you can easily come up with a strong plan that can help your learners make the most of your courses even when they are working from home. is the ultimate online course building platform where you can design and launch your courses in a very short time. To create the best virtual learning experience for your workforce, visit COA’s website and create your courses with the help of the best creative and authoring tools.

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