How Important Is The Choice Of Colour In Your Online Academy Design?

by Anand Tiwary July 17, 2020

Colour can express more than you can imagine and hence it is important to know how to colour code and use the colour design for your online course. The difference between a boring and an interesting course can just be the colour formatting or how it visually appeals to a learner. If you are worried about how visual your course is or you want to make a new one from scratch and use the right colours for it too then you are in luck. We at allow the online teachers to opt for bespoke design solutions and hence you can get the custom colour and design pattern that you desire.

How Colour coding can impact a course?

Here’s a list of the most prominent ways in which colour coding can affect your online course:

  • Colour can be used to draw attention: Colours can be used to draw attention away from or to a particular text on the screen or a part of an image. Warm colours are best suited for such purposes and the best example is the red colour. Red is a show stopper. Using the colour red has been found to be very effective at attracting the attention of someone.
  • Strategically placed powerful colours make it easy to read: You should try to keep your colours bold and not bright and hence this helps a paragraph or any text easy to read. You can use such colour to create a contrast with its background which has found to increase the readability by 40%. Thus you need to strategically place colourful splashes to create a contrast between your background and your text which will be easy to read and have a soothing effect on your eyes. To sell courses online you need to keep these in mind as learners often view your online courses through electronic devices which can easily tire them if you do not maintain a proper colour balance.
  • Enhance learning and easy to recall: Colour coded text is easy to recall and can signify the importance of it while reading and thus information like how important or not so important a fact it can be implicated by it. Thus while trying to recall at later moments, colour helps us to remember it and this is a very important feature for any online course. If you are wondering or need help for how to colour code the information, don’t worry, we can help you with it. We at allow the online teachers to opt for bespoke design solutions that will help you create and sell online courses with a greater visual appeal.
  • Use Colour and their meanings carefully: Red, orange and yellow colour create high energy and stimulated energy in the body but on the other hand, blue, green and violet create a calm and relaxed learning environment. It has been also found that blue is twice as effective than red when you want your learner to brainstorm or for any other creative tasks. Similarly red can trigger a faster performance or detail-oriented task like attention to the small and minute details which are important or to remember something.
  • Use the right colour combinations: Many people think that colours are not related to each other and they have no intertwining effect on each other but they cannot be more mistaken. The reader can feel too much strain on their eyes if the colours are very contrasting from each other and can easily lose interest in such cases and hence colours which complement each other should be used. Colours like red should be paired with green, blue with orange and yellow with violet are some of the examples of complementary colours, you can find more complementary colours by consulting a colour wheel. You can use a triad of colour combination like red, green and blue or orange, yellow and violet to form a course and follow the 60-30-10 rule of colour coding which shall give you an edge over the impact of your colour and make it aesthetic

Now that you know about the power of colours and how they affect the visual appeal of your online course, you can now move on to implementing these changes. Having trouble creating graphic solutions and designing visual components of your website? With COA, you get to choose amongst millions of designs and graphic solutions for your online courses. To opt for bespoke designs and other graphic tools, connect with and get your offer today.

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