How to Create an Online Assessment in a Hurry

by Anand Tiwary December 31, 2020
How to Create an Online Assessment in a Hurry

You might think that teaching can seem like a fun and easy job to do, but setting up online assessments can be much harder than you imagine it to be. Puzzles can be an effective way to set the assessments for your learners. But if you are in a hurry and want to create one in a hurry, this article is the right place for you. We will look into some tips and tricks on how to create an online assessment quickly.

Understanding the difference between online and face to face exams

They are a lot different, while offline exams can be used to conduct various exam parts together like theory and practical or even listening and writing together. Online, you need to consider the tools you have and how you want to use them.

You also need to decide on many other factors like whether the exam needs to be synchronous or not? Conducted with an individual or in a group? Will the time be fixed, or the learner will be given a range of time from which they can choose their suitable exam time.

First, you need to solve all the challenges and then devise a solution to all of them in one go. You first need to set a clear goal about the assessment and what area you are targeting. Then accordingly, you need to set the method and technique for conducting the exam.

Some of the most popular Techniques for conducting assessments are :


Assignments can be easily assigned with the tools available to upload a document, submit and record videos, and add images or links in the text box. The instructor can avail of a wide array of tools to customize their assignment. Learners can also submit one assignment for the whole group if allowed.

There are various third party software also available for automatic submission and grading of their assignments. In this way, it makes it easy to track and mark the learner’s progress through an effective and efficient way of creating an assessment.

Comments can be added thereto the assignments and can be sent back to the learner for a redo. Thus instead of any delay, the rework or proper feedback can be given instantaneously. This saves both the learner and the instructor’s time and paired with the fact that it is easy to setup. It is a great assessment method that can be set up quickly, and no matter how many learners there are.

Online Quiz

Online quizzes are a great way to test the knowledge of the learner, learner’s and you can either keep it MCQ or subjective. It is very easy and fast to set up an online quiz like an assignment with just one line of questions and give the answer as options.

You do not even need to provide options for subjective quizzes, which makes them very easy to create. The learners will give a written response, which might be a little problem while checking, which is the only disadvantage of this method.

Online quizzes also benefit from giving them from anywhere. Hence the location constraint is not present with this. With this comes a disadvantage or the possibility of cheating. There are methods to prevent cheating, like monitoring the active tabs and turning the video camera on to monitor the learner’s head or eye movement.

Hold a Discussion

You can either instruct the students to participate as individuals or as a group and discuss your subject. This will help you understand how well they have grasped it. It is also easy to prepare as you do not need anything before setup.

You only need to divide the learners and give them a discussion topic and then observe them. This makes it perfect for creating a way of online assessment with little to no time. This type of assessment can be made to happen over a long-drawn period too. A forum or a discussion place is ideal for this type of assessment.

The ways mentioned above are some of the most common techniques for setting up an online assessment in a short amount of time. You can easily set up an assignment or quizzes for all the learners or even hold a discussion topic for them.

The assignment will have a due date and rules they need to follow, whereas the quiz can either be from a fixed time for all or a range of time from which the learner will choose their suitable time. The Discussion assessment can go on for a long time, and the whole learner base will benefit from it by exploring and reading other people’s points of view.

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