How To Design Exams For Lessons Of Your Online Courses

by prashant May 06, 2019

It is important that, while considering the designing of your online course and planning content for it, you should include opportunities for assessment and feedback i.e. both assessment for teaching learning as well as assessment of Learning.

Online assessments not only evaluate the test understanding and knowledge of the learner but also gives instant feedback, provides opportunities to reinforce learning and increase learner’s confidence.

As you may also schedule live webinar classes in the online courses of your online academy, created by Thus you have the opportunity to deliver content in both synchronous and asynchronous manner. Hence you may thus put quizzes in both the course lessons or in the live webinar sessions.

You can most definitely add your quizzes alongside the In the course contents, which is most definitely will be presented in a time- which is a learning object’s delivery in a Time-Asynchronous manner and thus learners can work at their own pace over a period. But while going forward with this plan, you may first need to find out what learners already know, what areas of the course they have already covered. You might do this incorporating intermittent (term) exams and/or final exams at the end of the course. Create Online Academy offers you the tempting You would appreciate that you have the functionality to “select exam papers” and “create question” during the lesson creation in the Editor itself. Thus you may select questions from the Question Bank or may create new in the Lesson itself.

The option functionality of making a Question bank by storing countless number of quiz paper question exams papers and questions, does provide you with the opportunity to use Economy of Scale and save time from creating the by creating same Questions and Question papers each time you wish to create a quiz or final exam in any of your online course in your E-teaching website, created by

There are six formats in which a question can be created, namely, Objective type having multiple options as answer with one correct answer, Objective type having multiple options as answer with more than one correct answer, Match making type question, Multimedia question, True/ false question and also Subjective Answer type Questions.

While in the case of most of the questions the pre-defined answers will be automatically checked with one which the examinee has entered without any real intervention of the teacher, the answers given in the case of subjective questions have to be checked by you manually and mark according to the merit. Thus excepting subjective answer type of questions, where the student is expected to give a descriptive answer of the question and thus could only be assessed manually by the teacher, all other types of questions are automatically verified of their responses and thus result of assessment is done by the system without any intervention by teacher.

Thus in such asynchronous mode you might do assessment incorporating formative and summative manners and/or by providing online face to face human intervention, along the way by scheduling live webinars and taking live quizzes or polls in those sessions.

Thus in the webinar classes, which is obviously a time-synchronous session, you may want can be utilized to discover whether your learners are paying attention and obtaining feedback from them by launching Polls and Quizzes in the live sessions, to check their understanding.

A number of sources can help you in linking to, amending or creating such Exams and Quizzes, some of which having ready-made assessments and quizzes, are mentioned below:

  • The Hot Potatoes Sites ready-made quizzes available.
  • Teach ICT Quizzes to help teach Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills.
  • Teachers Direct quizzes aimed at various curriculum areas.
  • BBC: Learning and Bytesizeprovide quizzes that could be contextualize for adult learners. BBC Learning English offer more quizzes that could be adapted for adult learners.

Evaluating the students is a necessary step in any form of education and it becomes all the more critical in the case of e-teaching as here we often lack direct face-to-face interaction with the students. For that very reason Create Online Academy has provided suitable flexibility to the educators, like you so that they can assess the quality of their online teaching more effectively. Final exams and term exams, alongside the webinar sessions, designed to be integrated with the course, help you to obtain the desired appraisal as far as your quality of e-teaching is concerned.

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