How to Engage Your Learners During COVID-19 Crisis

by Anand Tiwary August 08, 2020

It is no more a secret that online education is dominated vastly by video courses but not all video lectures can make you instantly successful but it’s a test of patience and how you can master it in the long game. To do that you need to focus on what makes a video lecture interesting or appealing to everyone and how you can effectively create and sell online courses which stand out in the online world of education.

Bookmarks are very effective

By adding a bookmark feature to your video, you are giving the learner, the possibility to bookmark important points or let them traverse a video chapter by chapter which will allow them to find a specific point very easily. The bookmarks can be predefined or the user can create one where he thinks it is necessary. It can be a tough chapter or as a point where he or she can resume the course next time they start studying. This improves the availability and user experience of the course. They can even bookmark important or tough part so that they can come back later or after completing the whole course for a revision. Perhaps they have finished their course but they want to brush up on one particular topic, then they don’t need to browse through the whole video trying to find one but they can simply use the bookmark feature to jump right into the point they need to recall.

Questions inside the video

Videos can become repetitive and boring for some users and hence you should include MCQ questions or drag and drop questions. They act as both interactive and keep the learner engaged and interested in the course. Simple activities like fill in the blanks of a topic relating to the chapter they were just reading about also help their retention potential and if they know that they will be quizzed at the end of the chapter, people often tend to pay more attention to the course. Hence quizzing throughout the course helps to keep learners motivated and interested in the course. It also helps them to feel more connected with the lecture and after completing the course, they feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Animations make the video more interesting

Animations can make any video more interested and they can help retain the attention of the learner better than any other form of media. You can combine your lecture videos with animations to make them feel more real like and these help them focus on the screen and stay connected with the course. Small clips of animations also help to achieve the purpose and hence you should add them wherever possible into your video. You can have a switch between a slide wise lecture and a small animation which demonstrates the topic or the point you are trying to convey and in this way it gets conveyed in a better manner.


Pop-ups are more useful than you think

Animations and pop-ups go hand in hand and they together can form a rich and engaging environment for the learner. By adding suitable and appropriate pop-ups at the right place and the right point in a video, you can motivate the learner to click on it and remind them that there are documents attached which will help them with the course and this pop-up will give easy access to those folders. Thus you need to add pop-ups to suitable places or they can become annoying and drive someone away from your course. Thus you need to be careful whole placing one and selectively do it.

Captions are everything

In the era of Fast paces online world, people decide whether they like it or not just by the captions and hence you need to improve your captions to make catchy or to grab the attention of an avid scroller through a page and this is how your video will stand out amongst the rest. Closed captioning is another part where people who are not only hard of hearing but who are used to subtitles, will understand a course better and will not miss a word. Thus making the knowledge transfer more effective.

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