How To Increase Employee Performance With eLearning Ecosystem?

by Anand Tiwary January 05, 2021
How to increase employee performance with eLearning ecosystem

Every company wants to meet its business goals and to achieve them. They want to train their employees properly in their field. They can choose from the various training platforms which will provide you with features like data collection and analyzing it to grade the performance and measure the improvement of an employee quantitatively.

It has been found out that the employees can get more skilled from the customized E-Learning material which caters specifically to their needs instead of just being general, but other methods also have proven to be very effective. This training needs to happen over time after a certain interval to keep it fresh within the memory of the employee.

Microlearning can help the employees learn every day gradually to keep their memory fresh and to increase their retentivity. The best part about it is also that the employees can do it without much hindrance to their daily work.

Tracking Based Employee Performance Measurement Platform

Tracking employee data for diverse ranges is much more difficult than it seems, and with the growth of the variety of courses and employees, this becomes more and more difficult to trace. Hence you should use learning portals with custom tracking data and performance analytics to measure rates like completion and assessment performance.

These statistics will help you understand the course better and which parts were easy and which parts were tough for the user. Using this information, you can fine-tune the course to increase employee performance as a whole.

Personalization is a technique that can act upon user data. It can create a personalized pathway for an employee-focused on the weak points to make them better and help the employee improve his overall skillset. This call can be achieved by some of the methods mentioned below :

  • LMS

    Learning Management System is a training delivery platform that hosts both e-learning and digital assets for training. With an LMS, you can create new content, manage the existing user-profiles, and track the data.

  • LXP

    Learning Experience Platform can provide a way for its users so that they can interact with a wide range of formal and informal learning experiences and various assets.

  • Learning Portal

    Learning Portals are a type of personalized gateway to various learning assets. Customization in the various functions and user interface allows the organization to align the portal along with their overall goals.

Learning Platforms

Learning portals and learning management systems are the most common types of training delivery methods. When an organization uses these systems effectively, it can create a learning experience where it will include employee onboarding, continuous learning, daily work challenges that will be possible all from one place.

The overall learning pathway for different individuals, departments, and roles can vary. Your learning portal should be able to adapt to all the various demands and create a personalization way for the employees. You can create pre-defined paths for all the different roles, and they can follow the learning pathway.

You need to make sure that your learning platform supports all these capabilities for measuring and analyzing the learner’s progress data to help them increase the overall employee performance. The important data are :

  • Rate of Course Completion
  • Assessment scores
  • Time Spent per Section

Learning Ecosystem

The Learning ecosystem is the base for your whole learning ecosystem. They enable a cohesive and keep all the functions and study materials in one place for easy access and can be used to onboard employees and keep them complaint about the organization’s courses and industry demands.

This can be used to track the progress and record the point where an employee is struggling to identify the weak points and then resolve it later through personalization. This has been found to be a very effective way to improve overall employee performance and make them excel in their career.

Personalization can create the best learning experience possible for an employee which will keep them engaged. The course navigation can be customized to increase employee performance. A detailed individual performance data can also be visualized through this, which can reflect upon the individual’s improvement and the areas of improvement possible.

The above-mentioned ways are some of the methods and techniques of how an eLearning ecosystem can help to increase the overall employee performance and how it is superior to other offline techniques. More than 80% of organizations have adopted the online methods of learning, and with the various ecosystem available to them, they can choose and customize the correct one for them.

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