How To Kickstart Your Online Teaching Website using LMS

by Anand Tiwary November 30, 2020
How To Kickstart Your Online Teaching Website using LMS

The global pandemic and COVID-19 have affected many workplaces and, of course, the academic industry.

Currently, we have hundreds of self-sustaining remote teams working from home to keep industries afloat. The eLearning industry has also shifted to a whole online approach.

Through Learning management platforms (LMS) or recorded video lessons, teachers are reaching out to learners virtually.

Although there are many tools and platforms where you can create and sell courses online, an LMS is probably the best. An LMS can give you the best ROI on your efforts and expenses.

In this article, we will introduce you to the benefits of using an LMS for online teaching. We will also cover the basics of how to kickstart your online academy using an LMS.

Benefits of using an LMS for online academies

If you’re unsure about how to kickstart your online academy or you’re weighing your options, make sure to explore LMS options.

Learning Management Systems can give you a sharper edge over rookies as well as professional course creators. Still unsure? Here are a few key benefits of using an LMS that might just convince you to give it a go.

  • Helps to Organise Content in one location so that your audience can access it whenever they need it. If they have any doubt, they can go through the material again or self-study at their own time.
  • An LMS provides unlimited access to all the E-Learning Materials. Once it is uploaded on the LMS, many users can simultaneously go through the same study material whenever and wherever they want to.
  • You can easily track every individual learner’s progress with an LMS and note the individuals falling behind and how you can help them. Most LMS have analytics tools to understand your course’s shortcomings and how they can be made better for everyone.
  • Reduces the Time taken to learn and develop a particular individual by making the process fast-paced, and any doubt can be instantly resolved. The learners can also choose the module they want to learn, and instead of going through the full course, they can focus on areas they need help the most.
  • Keeps track of compliance and hence keeps the whole organization complaint. It can also notify the employees when they will become non-compliant and set a reminder for the course.
  • LMS can be used to integrate a social learning experience. Since the whole platform is already online, Facebook and Twitter shareable links can be provided upon the completion of the modules. It will help them by enriching their peer to peer learning experience and also act as a marketing method for your course.

Quick tips to kickstart your online academy using an LMS

Creating an online academy and selling courses online is not an easy task. An LMS can take a gigantic task and simplify it for you.

You’ve already read about the multiple benefits of using an LMS. Now, let us focus on how you can create and sell courses online using an LMS.

  1. Choosing the right LMS

    Open course and paid LMS platforms offer unique strengths and weaknesses that you need to study before selecting any. Make sure that you choose platforms that provide you the right tools and packages that you need. The easiest way to judge your team members and LMS platforms’ compatibility is to perform a trial period. You can try creating and publishing content using the LMS during the trial to recognize how it eases your workload and helps you to manage and work efficiently quickly.

  2. Create a community for your learners

    You already have the right content and a team of qualified teachers. While they can generate video content and assignments to teach your learners, a community also helps your learner in multiple ways. Most LMS offer options that you can use to create a forum or community space for learners to post their residual doubts and queries answered by fellow mates or available teachers.

Choosing the right kind of LMS will automatically give you the extra edge in your online learning environment. You can create the perfect video contents for your online learners but unless you have got perfect LMS platform to connect to your students it all goes in vain. So, think about the aspects of your LMS before launching your own online academy.

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