How To Survive In The Highly Competitive Market Of E-Learning?

by Anand Tiwary July 17, 2020

The E-learning market is huge and offers high competition to traditional education institutes as well as online academies. So how can you plan for a thriving business in the market of digital learning? What tools should you use? What programs and affiliations should you be aware of?

In this article, we are going to discuss all the methods which you can utilize to make your e-learning academy sustainable and long-lasting. Whether you are a new competitor or a long-standing one, the digital learning market is dynamic and ever-changing. So scroll through the various tools and programs mentioned here and upgrade your business plan with some of the tools mentioned here to make it sustainable. To know how you can survive in the cutthroat market of digital learning, go through the topics given below.

Affiliate marketing programs

Affiliate marketing is a tool that has developed fairly recently. However, it’s effectiveness is unparalleled and it is utilised by 68% of digital academy creators or mentors. Affiliate marketing programs allow you to simply spread the word about your courses or online academies through links and samples on various pages that you don’t own or have access to. For example, Google affiliate marketing programs allow you to share advertisement or samples of your product to various search result pages and other web pages where google owns spaces for adverts. Adding affiliate marketing plans to your business plan is not only effective but also cost-cutting in nature. Your efforts and costs are minimalised whereas other agents spread the word of your content and your courses through various portals and platforms such as Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or even through email and phone calls. Platforms such as allow you to choose from an array of affiliate marketing programs which include both online and offline options. All of these tools and programs are included in their basic package at no extra charges.

Personalised URLs

To stand out amongst the diverse content creators present on the worldwide web, you need to focus on your brand identity and image. If you want people to notice your products and your online courses then you need to create an identity that stands out. Creating personalised URLs as well as your own webpage where people can go to contact with you serves as a good first impression. Creating your own URL allows you to showcase your best products and student testimonials as well as offering lucrative packages to generate leads. You can look into personalised URLs to guide people to your brand and turn them into your customers. The cost of creating this may be a bit high but it bears a lot of results which make it worth your effort.

Dynamic LMS

Your Learning Management system or LMS is responsible for 70% of your day to day operations. For any corrections or changes to your course or any additions made after the launch of the course, you need your LMS to be dynamic. If you’re on a platform where small changes tale a lot of time and effort then you need to switch to a better platform with an LMS that suits your operations better. A great LMS will also offer you a number of tools and plugins such as social media plugins and graphics which are crucial for your social media campaigns as well as the design of your online course. offers an amazing LMS with social media plugins and other tools which you can use to enhance the core content of your course. Their LMS supports all formats of content such as audio, video, pdf, images or any other form of content. You can also use the linked payment gateway provided by COA to direct your customers through secure payment.

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