Hurdles You Will Face Before Successfully Launching Your Online Academy

by Anand Tiwary July 17, 2020

You might have never read this title before but it is true. We at believe in presenting the brutal truth about the industry. Whilst other online course building platforms will always present you with a glorious picture of how easy it is earn money by create and sell online courses we would like to present you with an honest picture.

This is due to the fact that we believe that you should know the entire picture before starting your venture as an online teacher. Either you are planning to create online courses or sell online courses you will face many hurdles. However, that does not mean that you need to refrain from using an online course building tool. In fact at will help you cross every hurdle with meticulous precision.

Now before we talk about the ways we can help you let us shed some light on the pain points of an online teacher.

Creating Engaging Contents

One of the most difficult truths is that the content creation for the courses and the lecturers is also not an easy task. It takes hours of work and costs you few thousand bucks to create the most engaging videos for your students. Moreover, that you need to edit your video lessons in order to make them short and brief. All these usually take a lot of effort, money, and time. In most cases, the educators cannot afford such luxury. Now we cannot solve all the issues together but us at aim to ease the editing part by offering in-package course editing services.

Lack of Unique Identity and Student Retention

When you are launching an online course you are likely to opt one of the standard online course builder which will allow you to launch your own online academy. However, the only problem is that your website will look quite similar to the one of your competitors. Creating online academies from similar online course building platforms will make it difficult for you to create that unique brand.

The learners tend to jump from one course to another without any loyalty. That is why, it becomes very difficult for an online educator to sustain a business.

You might think that your courses are different and that will help you boost your own brand image. You will be quite right to assume so. However, in the modern era of social media promotions and heavy branding unless you appear to be “different” no one will actually accept you as someone different. That is where bespoke designing comes handy.

At we aim to free you from the shackles of limited choice. As an online teacher or an online professional you deserve better. That is why we provide bespoke design solutions to gift you the unique design you need and want.

Lack of Marketing Support and Sales:

Most of the online academies, especially the ones which are being operated by the individual online teachers and online educators, lack the substantial support to carry on with a holistic marketing campaign. With the advent of various online course building tools it is just matter of time that you can create your own online educational website. If you already have the contents for your courses and lectures then it is just a matter of minutes.

But then what? Once you have created your online academy it is the real battle that begins. You have to attract learners, spread the word, and build a brand.

This is where a platform like comes into the picture. We offer both and online affiliate marketing tools, SEO tools, provision to add various third-party tools like MailChimp, Survey Monkey, Sales Force, Whatsapp Chat, and many more with our packages which enables the teachers to sell their online courses with much success.

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