Identifying Possible Topics for Your Online Courses

by Prashant R Shah May 10, 2019
There is a good chance that you are an expert in several things and you do not even realize it.

For instance, if you are a native from an English speaking country and enjoy reading Popular English Magazines and Literature and also have got friends who speak English, then you might not consider yourself to be an expert in English.

Do you know that many English teachers in Korea and Japan makes up to US$ 1 million/year. Get the idea?

All you need to do this think about the things that you enjoy and that you know a fair bit about.

However, It is a bad idea if you try to create courses on things that you do not really have that much grasp on . Why? Because you need to create quality courses so that you build up your brand as one that offers high quality information. For instance, not being a musician, if I try to create a online music academy, it will most definitely fail

Do these types of courses sell well? Heck yeah! But there is no way in Heavens that I would try to create unless I did some intensive learning and really thought that I knew my stuff.

So, I would suggest you to sit down and come up with a list of things that you could make courses on where you can teach other people about the things that you know. It may seem to be a daunting task, so let’s it break down into achievable goals…shall we?


Think about the Kind of hobbies that interest you. Maybe you like to collect stamps or cook for that matter in your spare time or maybe you really enjoy gardening perhaps. It does not matter how stupid, simple or common the hobby may seem to you. Write it down.

Don’t let go of things thinking that they cannot be taught like reading, watching movies and participating in Online Social Networks. There are actually some ways that you can teach everything things. For instance, if you enjoy reading books then you might be able to do a course on how to get free Books and E-books regularly. Sure, you couldn’t charge a lot for such a course, but I bet that there would be a few people who would buy it each month.


Now, make a list of the skills that you possess. This one might take you a little longer and require you to dig a bit deeper inside so try to think about the things that you do in your workplace or that you have done around the house.

For instance, may be you can create pivot table in Excel or you can tell to how to read a company’s Balance sheet, after your career in accounting or maybe you know how to use the Photoshop software, to make funny images from your kids’ photos . These are skills that not everyone has but that some people desire to acquire.

As you see, the skills can be practical (like the Excel skills and reading a Balance sheet) and Hobby based (like using Photoshop Software).

Do not forget to include things that you training in but might not use on a regular basis. For example you may be a licensed Paramedic or a certified MS Office Specialist.


Many of the things that fall under this category can be covered by the two above, but there are still likely a few items that fall under your interest and passions that can be added to that list you are creating of possible course topics.

For example, Shubhajyoti, who is heading the Marketing team of An M.B.A in marketing, Shubhajyoti’s passion lies in writing and comedy . He often takes a very sarcasting view about very mundane things and about his life on his Facebook profile and Pages which has got a moderate following. He took his interest of writing to make money through Facebook by giving a satirical review on the Consumer products of the sponsors on his Facebook page.

The nice thing about passions and interests is that you do not have to start out with the knowledge you need to make the course. Instead, you do the research and you actually enjoy it since you are highly interested in the topic.

We are sure that you have at least a few things that fall under passions and interest; so give it a little thought and then add them to your list.

Anything Can Be Taught!

You can actually be an online educator from expertise you already have. You just need to take out time to know your inner strengths and interests and equipped with that you can explore a marketplace, which you never knew existed in the first place. So give it a go! Create, Expand and Sell your knowledge with Create Online Academy and be a famous teacher, in just couple months. Before Starting to design your E-teaching website and creating online courses in the online academy created in you need to come up with some ideas for course topics or the field of specialization of your online academy.

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