Importance of Visually Interactive Quizzes in your E-Learning Module

by Anand Tiwary July 21, 2020

The e-learning world depends on learning aids and other tools to successfully provide their learners with a wholesome experience. Curating attractive content and creating strong modules of the course is not enough. As an online course creator, you must have thought about creating quizzes and engaging dialogues to measure the progress rate of your learner and help them apply their theoretical knowledge to the hands-on applications and questions.

In this article, we are going to help you design more visually engaging quizzes that will, in turn, help your students perform better. There are a number of amazing benefits that you can reap from creating attractive quizzes and we have created a list of those benefits for you. Keep reading to know more about the benefits and how you can enjoy those benefits by designing amazing quizzes for your e-learning module.

  1. Learn, apply, retain: Studies suggest that the learning process is a cycle. First, a student learns something new. Depending on the student’s mental capacity, they retain some portion of the knowledge. Now, you can design quizzes that require students to explore their retained knowledge and apply it to solve problems. By doing this, students can learn the practical application of the knowledge as well as retain more of the course content due to spending more time exploring the aspects of the knowledge before applying it to solve your quiz.
  2. Assessment: Assessing the progress rates of your students is extremely crucial. Assessing the progress of your students can be done in a number of ways. You can edit small quizzes to occur after the completion of each class or you can generate quizzes after certain modules of the course are completed or some milestones are reached. The reason why quizzes are so popular in the e-learning world is because of its twofold benefits. The teaching faculty, as well as the student, can benefit from assessment quizzes. Teachers can analyse the progress of the students and focus on their weak spots to provide better support and students can take up an assessment of their progress without scrutiny or fear of failure. Thus, students can be at ease and use the knowledge from past online classes to solve quizzes in leisure. Course mentors or moderators can also use feedback from the quizzes to design remedial lessons where common misconceptions are solved for all learners.
  3. Support and motivation: Quizzes often serve as the simplest form of motivation for learners. Being able to recall the lessons they have learnt online and performing well on online quizzes allows learners to feel positive and roll ahead with the course with a positive outlook. Quizzes and the feedback about individual progress obtained from quizzes allow course mentors to provide individualised support. For example, if a student is struggling to focus on classes and his performance is repetitively suffering then course mentors can use the feedback from the quiz reports to reach out with some support or motivation.
  4. Engagement and entertainment: You can design quizzes to be visually engaging using multimedia or scenarios where the learner becomes curious or invested in exploring the situation and determining the answer. Studies suggest that 90% of students perform better when some of the monotonous theory is mixed in with multimedia, video, scenarios and other formats to portray a fun application of the theory learnt by the students. Challenges and questions posed to the entire group of learners also instigate some positive competitions that can further make learners eager to solve problems and quizzes. However, it is important that you mix in some non-graded or low stakes quizzes to put the learner at ease and help them perform without any fear of failure or bad scores. Mix these low stakes quizzes with fun ones and also some high stakes ones where scoring high is important. This will ensure that your learners are alternatively engaged, entertained and stimulated by your quizzes and of course your course content.

All of the above tricks and benefits regarding quizzes can only be utilised effectively if you have the correct tools and graphics inserted into your course platform. Quizzes can easily be designed to be entertaining and attractive when you have tools such as canva, gliffy, google charts, piktochart allow you to easily design entertaining quizzes with cute graphics. To get access to such tools and more essential resources, visit Create Online Academy and get ready to launch your own online course with amazing graphics and entertaining quizzes.

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