Is Your LMS giving the correct Marketing Tools?

by Anand Tiwary July 21, 2020

All online industries are versatile as well as dynamic. Trends and popularity may be gained overnight and similarly, tides may turn against you within a few moments. To make sure that you can battle with the savage competition as well as the versatile online trends, you need to make sure that you are familiar with all the trending tools and essential resources for your online businesses. For online academies and digital courses, some of the most essential resources are marketing trends and effective marketing tools. Most of the budding digital course creators are choosing from online platforms that offer them an LMS as well as some tools and resources. However, most online LMS platforms are merely giving the bare minimum resources while they hold out the real or effective tools for clients who can pay huge amounts of fees to them annually.

To make sure that you are getting the best value for your money, you need to ask yourself, “Is your LMS providing you with the correct marketing tools?” Since marketing is such an essential part of the success and stability of online academies and e-learning businesses, we have compiled a list of 4 tools that are absolutely essential for you to build a stable e-learning business:

  1. SEO tools: Digital marketing is highly competitive and you cannot flourish unless you are familiar with the right tools. SEO or search engine optimisation is a crucial aspect of all of your marketing endeavours. Tools such as Google keyword planner, Hubspot, SerpStat help you to not only design your content to be visually attractive but it also makes sure that your online rankings during various searches are very high. This helps you increase your visibility and thus your chances of gaining more organic traffic to your websites and digital academies.


  1. Branding tools: Branding can be achieved through a number of ways such as audio, visual, social or even through communities. To understand the trends and create an amazing logo, blog, community or guest post that makes your brand the focus of the audience, you need to have access to certain tools. These tools will allow you to create content that can be loaded anywhere to grab the attention of your target audience. Some branding tools help you to generate graphics and logos while others help you to empathise with your target audience via empathy maps. To make sure that your online academy grows to its maximum potential, you need to make sure that you get access to these tools to make the most of your marketing ventures.


  1. Affiliate marketing tools: Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest means by which you can increase your ROI multifold. To gain access to successful affiliate marketing tools, all you need to know are the truly useful ones that might just guarantee your success. Some of the best affiliate marketing tools being utilised currently are as follows: AdPlexity, SpyPush, Idvert, Redtrack, Binom, ThriveLeads, SemRush and Google Ads. These tools are some of the best and they can amplify every aspect of your online business such as optimising your content, design, SEO, marketing hacks and much more. However, the best part of utilising these tools is that you can save tens of thousands of work hours by simply utilising these tools. Offline affiliate marketing using resellers and other connectors also make sure that your business keeps growing even when you are not actively pushing for sales or even working.


  1. Social plugins: Social media can help you grow to regions where you may not have a single lead before. Online businesses today spend a high share of their budget making sure that they are utilising the social media fully to gain hundreds of leads and customers. Marketing your online courses can become very easy when you create a strong social media presence with engaging content. To make sure that you can easily share content online or optimise your content as per the interests of your target audience, you need tools such as Shareaholic, Mash share, Social Pug and Opt-in Hound. With these tools, you can seamlessly create and share content across several platforms and use the analytics from the social media platforms to realise the strong and weak points of your online academies and digital courses.

Platforms such as offer basic packages which have inbuilt social media plugins as well as bespoke designs for their customers along with a cache of most of the tools mentioned above. To make sure that your online academy is growing to its fullest potential, make sure that your LMS is providing you with the tools and resources such as the ones given out by COA.

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