Is your online course relevant enough? Learn how to do a quick need analysis

by Anand Tiwary July 17, 2020

Most of you have spent a lot of time curating content and going through hundreds of competitor sites trying to fine-tune your content and get the perfect parts for your digital academy. So what would you do if the resultant content turns out to be irrelevant or off topic? Surely you would freak out and try to over-analyse every aspect of your online course and try to replace it. Well, you may not need to do all that. In fact, you can make small changes that create extremely directed and thorough online courses.

In this article, we have listed some strategies that you can utilise to quickly analyse your content and decide whether you need to make changes at all and what are the sections you should focus on. If you have already launched your online course or you are looking for relevant content to curate for your online course then make sure that you go through these basic strategies which can help you decide what is relevant and what’s not really needed. To help you make the final cut with respect to choosing your content, here are a few ideas:

Curate relevant content: This strategy may seem simple from its name alone as well as pretty blatant but often it is not easy to follow. As a content creator or moderator for an online course, you may need to go through a lot of different themes of content to help you decide what you want to keep and what you want to discard. Sometime you might even be creating content such as self-produced videos or e-books. During the curation or creation process, sometimes you might go off-topic or you may delve into small subsections too much. During times like this, you need to remember your core topic for your online course and just stick to it. Whether you are creating your online course or analysing it for effective relevance, you need to keep in mind a strict outline that highlights everything you want to focus on within your online course.

Design a dedicated team of quality testers: Quality testers are extremely crucial with respect to the relevance of your content. You need to choose a group of educators and students who are interested in your core topic so that they are sensitive to the nuances within your content and choose the best ones amongst them. Alternatively, you can also outsource your content to diverse students as a sneak peek into your course. With their feedback, you can easily choose from the content to create a truly relevant online course for your learners. If you do not like either of these options or you are worried about the safety of your content from piracy and open-sourcing then you can alternatively use feedback and survey options post-launch from currently enrolled students of your digital academy. There are also a number of free tools such as Google forms and Survey Monkey that can be used by your students and surveyors to send you feedback. Some platforms may even have some of these tools inbuilt which make the content curation process super easy.

Analyse the course from the student’s perspective: This is one of the most crucial strategies that a course content moderator can use. Once you put yourself into the shoes of your students then you can understand the flaws within your course and you can easily make fine changes withing your course content to steer it in the right direction. However, you may need to go through some courses or academies focusing on similar niche topics. This step is known as target audience research and relevant content curation. So, pull up your socks and identify your target audience and then fine-tune your course as per your ideas.

At platforms such as, you can utilise inbuilt analytics tools and review tools to gain feedback and steer changes accordingly. COA also offers you a very dynamic LMS that can make changes as and when you need it. Using these features combined with the strategies mentioned above, you can easily launch your online courses and make changes to it whenever you like. These tools and this platform can allow you to make your digital academy one of the best with sustainable profits as well. To know more about their packages and other details, log on to their website today using the link given above.

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