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by Anand Tiwary March 03, 2020
karen wright COA case study

Unlike most of my clients I actually didn’t meet Karen, online. In fact I had the good fortune of attending her conference on “Changing Peer Psychology in the age of Social Media”.  At the end of the conference, I gave her my card and two weeks later we met again at Hyatt Regency, near the Mumbai Airport.

Before the meeting I tried to do some research on her but apart from a few journals and peer-reviewed articles on psychology I didn’t find anything on her. It was astonishing for someone who researched so much on the impact on social media on the mindset of the population to not to be in the network, herself.

karen wright COA case study

Karen Wright COA case study

“It is not my cup of tea!” replied Karen with a smile and I realized that selling her the concept of an online academy will become a tedious task. The evening proceeded smoothly as I informed her about and the kind of work we are doing. I could tell that she was touched by the human side of our story and was glad to know that we are not just another website company selling the people some mass-made packages.

Then after 3 months and exactly 21 video calls later Karen Wright finally became our client. However, that was just the beginning of the story, as far as this episode is concerned.

Karen’s account remained dormant for weeks with only one video lecture being uploaded. There were no learners registered till that point and I suspected that she is treating us like her another dormant social media accounts.

So, after a month and half I gave her a call and explained to her the benefits of our affiliate marketing tools. We offer both online and offline affiliate marketing programs and we take special care in ensuring that all the online academies, using our platform, thrive to the fullest.

Heeding our advice Karen appointed few re-sellers in her network and uploaded all the videos in different lectures. The results were miraculous. In almost 7 weeks she registered as much as 321 learners in her online academy.

I never knew how to sell online courses but this website gives you the means to do it so easily that you can see the instant results”, Karen later admitted.

We never charge extra for our affiliate marketing tools and nor do we take any commission from the sales. However, personally it gives me immense pleasure when I see the online courses, hosted in our platform, achieve excellence.

You will still not find Karen Wright in any of the social media networks but her online academy is thriving quite magnificently thanks to the proper usage of the affiliate marketing tools.

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