Know the Best Practices of Blended Learning

by Anand Tiwary October 13, 2020

Creating and selling courses online requires a lot of effort and smart decisions. One of the best ways of staying ahead of the competition is through utilising new and upcoming concepts such as blended learning and bite-sized learning strategies. Blended learning which is also known as hybrid learning is a comparatively new concept on the block.

So, what does it entail? This article is focused around the salient features of blended learning which can help provide a boost to your digital academy and sell courses online. As the name says, this strategy provides additional reinforcement to the online course material with additional aid and tools. It blends salient features of the traditional classrooms with the benefits of online learning concepts to facilitate a new type of learning which is perfect for corporate training and for various other fields where deep learning is required. 

Best practices that incorporate blended learning:

Here are some of the best-blended learning practices that can get help you boost your student engagement and provide the support that your students need.

  • Know your target audience: Every classroom has learning objectives and online courses are no different. While designing your blended learning approach, keep in mind the needs of your learners and the organisational goals of your academy.
  • Customise approach as per researched needs: The blended learning strategy is not a plan that can be recycled for all users and al organisations. To be successful, you need to tailor-make a plan that suits your organisation as well as your learners and one solution certainly does not fit all.
  • Reinforce the online classroom with learning aids: Blended learning is all about finding the right balance between online or virtual classrooms and offline traditional ones. Most commonly, organisations prefer reinforcing virtual classrooms with offline resources such as assessments, quizzes, one on one faculty support as well as blended hands-on training.

Create and sell online courses easily with these blended learning practices. is the ultimate online course building platform that offers you the best of creative tools as well as add-on features such as online and offline marketing support. No other SaaS or LMS offers such features. With these practices in mind, scroll on to read about the actual benefits that you’ll be reaping from a blended learning strategy.

Why should you practise blended learning concepts?

Blended learning has a success ratio of 72% with training modules and online courses where hands-on training or real-life situations are required to teach concepts. So, here’s a list  of the key benefits of blended learning practices:

  • Cost – Efficient: It is very cost-efficient and has the best ROI, Return on Investment, as there are no travel costs or there is no need to take time off work. Thus you can combine classrooms with live training online for everyone which will help everyone to stay up to date.
  • Pre-training phase is important:   Pre-training is also an important phase where people can be sent reading materials or videos to keep them updated so that everyone can begin the course with some base knowledge and everyone can be on the same page and come prepared.
  • Content can be accessed from anywhere and anytime the learner wants to: The learners can access the courses anywhere and anytime they want to which. If they want to access them without the internet, then they even can download it to learn it later at their leisure time
  • Increased User Engagement: Users have a rich learning experience through the combination of multimedia and instructional design of the course. They also have the choice of going back to the course whenever they want to and this provides better results than other methods of learning techniques.
  • Stay updated with the progress of your learner: You can get accurate results about how your learners are performing and where they are struggling with and you can cater your course accordingly for that person to help him through the course and this gives an edge over the other types of learning.

Ways to create a blended learning strategy from scratch:

Now that we have discussed the advantages of Blended learning, you must be curious about how to implement it and how you can modify it according to your needs. The following ways will help you implement this technique into your course from scratch:

  • Platform matters and Learners need to educated about the objectives of the course:  You need to choose a platform for your learners and then communicate with them clearly about the main objectives of the course and what end result you wish to achieve from each of them by the end of the course.
  • Effective Assessments placed at proper intervals: With proper assessment placed throughout the course, which can be done offline or online, you can keep track of how much progress each individual is making and whether the pace of the course is too fast or slow or perfectly balanced after taking everyone into consideration.
  • Build an effective community: A community of people who together use technology-assisted learning and together forming a community of like-minded people helps to forge a relationship with other people and helps people to interact with each other and ask questions and get their doubts solved. It is an ever-growing community which can be self-sustainable after a point where there are enough experienced and learned people who will help out the newcomers to the course.
  • The perfect mixture of online plus offline interaction: Online and offline courses have their own benefits and demerits but this type of courses aim at filtering the best parts of both types and one example of a structure is where the learning is done online but the exam or assessment is taken offline and is a proctored exam. This provides credibility to the feedback. offers you a chance to work with a dynamic platform that can help you create and sell courses online. To know more about their basic package and features, visit their website today.

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