Know Why are you Losing Students in Your Online Academy

by Anand Tiwary August 08, 2020

A student might be good at offline classes as that has the norm since forever and some might not be able to adjust towards the online class structure and they have trouble finishing the course in its entirety. A recent study concluded that out of the total learners who enroll for a course, 52% never have a look at the syllabus and the dropout rate is very high, 96% on an average over a span of 5 years. Thus we shall discuss some of the most common reasons as to why students fail to get accustomed to online learning. The pandemic has caused everyone to move online and transform their business model into the online mode which is the only remaining method. Hence the industry is facing an increased surge in demand. For E-learning, this is a great opportunity to increase their revenues. Thus here are some of the reasons as to why some people fail to adapt to online learning.

Difficulty in adaptation

The online classrooms are fairly new to many learners and hence the first challenge is for them to adapt to this new method of learning and a complicated platform can make you lose some learners before they begin and hence the solution to this is to keep a simple and easy design for everyone and help them get comfortable with online learning. You can hand out ore course material and tips for them on how to increase their productivity and how to effectively do an online course. These type of help might seem small but they shall go a long way to helo someone who is struggling to keep up.

Keeping Incorrect expectations

Having incorrect expectations from the course can also lead to disappointment as to think that the course will be too difficult or very easy or too time-consuming or very theoretical. These eventually lead to frustration and a high dropout rate. The best way to solve this problem is to communicate effectively and clearly about the course details and it’s other factors. The learner should be informed about what they should expect from the completion of the course and how difficult the course is.

Issues with technicalities

Any type of bug or slowdown in the course can demotivate the students and play a part as to why they abandoned the course. Even if the Platform is rock solid, the increase in demand during the lockdown can harm the performance of the platform. This increase in traffic can cause crashes and server outage. It will also make the loading process slow for everyone. To mitigate this problem, you need to build a scalable and flexible server infrastructure which can be achieved by optimising the content along with adaptive delivery. The user should be made available with a CDN, Content delivery network so that the response time is fast and users can stay invested in the course.

Time management issues

The lack of time is one of the most common causes as to why students leave online courses. Some do face a genuine time issue with other work, others simply fail to manage their time properly. A proper schedule or a reminder can help people who struggle with bad time management skills. It is something which can be taught and hence it can be easily solved too.

Lack of Motivation

A student can easily lose their desire and motivation due to no clear outcome from the course or due to frustration caused by social isolation. The solution to this issue is to include some motivational courses and make the course as engaging as possible. Creating a roadmap with milestones and achievements throughout the course will keep the learner motivated and give them a feeling of satisfaction. Even interactive tasks can snap them out of simple video courses and capture their attention.

Lack of Human Interaction

One of the major drawbacks of the online learning experience is the lack of communication between the instructor and the learners. Studies also reflect that social engagement and the components of communication can make a student five times more engaged to complete a course. The solution to this is to let them interact with each other and to let them do it even online. Group work, forum, webinars, debates, friendly competition or a public discussion board are some great places for people to interact with each other and learn and grow together.

Thus now you know some of the best tips and tricks on how to not lose students in your online academy and if you need any help with the creation of courses, then you should visit, where you can make the best online courses. You will also find a variety of design tools and third party sales and marketing tools to help you build a very engaging course which you will need for your learners and help you avoid any errors while making it.

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