Make Effective Use of Online Teaching Technology

by Prashant R Shah May 14, 2019

It is true that Online Teaching has actually resolved several shortcomings of the Classroom Teaching environment by enabling you to use time and resource in a more effective manner but it has also its own challenges. Like for instance, the availability of so many online technologies ranging from virtual classrooms, LMS, file-sharing, scheduling, payments, social media management can be sometimes exhausting to say the least. But the catch is to find the perfect blend. Like any good old cocktail, the mix must be perfect so that you get the best result and so does your students.

  • Know the Taste of Your Students: Who are your students? From where will you get them? Are you already popular in the offline classroom environment or do you have a massive Twitter following? You should first ascertain the taste and preference of your students before you decide on the mix. This is because you don’t want them to remain thirsty or in other words you should not search the wrong market with the wrong technological tools. Understand your students and get to know how to communicate with them. This will also help you to structure your courses.
  • Find the Perfect Blend: The number of tools and technology they provide at is indeed overwhelming and seriously it might make your mind boggle when you are starting to create an online course or a lecture. The options are plenty but you need to find out what exactly do you want. Suppose your courses are in form of short video messages and you only want your students to go through them in details. In that case you do not require availing the functionalities to take quizzes or provide certification to your students, so you can simply skip that part. Or in the other hand if you want to adjunct your existing classroom you can avail the online certification and fool-proof quiz taking facilities. This is just an example but do not overdo technology. Don’t avail anything you don’t need as it will unnecessarily burden you with things to manage.
  • Add Something when you Feel Like: No rush but it is important that you evolve gradually in this online business. For instance, Online Academy should ideally not remain the same for five years in a stretch. As is already providing so many functionalities and surely will add few more in their bucket, it is important that you try new things but not before taking proper feedback from your existing students. For instance you can avail the chat app provided by them and get connected with your students on a 24×7 basis but before doing that just check whether your students will love that idea or not. You can also introduce term exams or final exams in the mix of things (if you are not already having them) once your students agree to the idea of it. This will help you stay connected with your students and also at the same time will enable you to try out on new things.


At the end of the day, teaching is nothing but communicating effectively with your students and technology only helps to bridge the geographical gaps. As online educators, we know this, and our challenge is to use it in the most effective way possible to communicate with learners.

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