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by Anand Tiwary April 13, 2020
nadia stevens success story

It was pouring so heavily in Sussex, that afternoon, that I could hear the rain from the phone making a call thousand miles away. Luckily Nadia Steven’s career as student politician came handy as she spoke with clear diction and expressed her joy of finally being able to talk to me.

Her gleeful voice sounded excited as she referred to our long and fruitful discussion over LinkedIn and Twitter. As a 26 year old, Mathematics Teacher, and a ardent member Mid Sussex and Bright Hove Young Labor political group Nadia’s life is already quite eventful.

The idea of online teaching came to me as I was failing to find enough time to work on my own stuff”, Nadia replied when asked  about her reason to open an online academy with

The one thing that appealed to me about COA is that your overall communication is very personal. There is humane touch to it”, stated Nadia whilst praising our approach.

But this story is not about how well we communicate with our clients but it is about Nadia successfully launched her Algebra Academy using our SaaS for LMS.

nadia stevens success story

Nadia Stevens success story

Nadia enjoyed two basic advantages whilst launching the online academy. Firstly, she had her course videos ready. Planning on launching a YouTube channel, she already had recorded 17 hours of material.

What a waste it would have been if I had uploaded all the videos on YouTube”, contemplates Nadia in her interview with us.

The reality is that people are used to getting free stuff on YouTube and that is why sometimes they are hesitant to pay for the online courses. However, the quality of such things often is unpredictable.

The second advantage Nadia had is her huge popularity on Twitter. Thanks to her social media connections getting students was not initially a challenge for her.

The first 80 to 90 students came quite easily. I had been extremely lucky. I kept the prices low in order to attract my current students and it worked”, recalls Nadia.

However, she eventually felt the pinch few months later.

Selling online courses to new and unknown people became extremely challenging. It is when I called Anand and told him that I might not be able to continue with this venture”, Nadia dreaded.

However, we had a solution in hand. In fact the solution was there from the very beginning. Just that she did not need them at the start. Now with the help of our affiliate marketing support and search engine optimization tools anyone creating online courses with us can spike up their sales figures in months.

The option to add pages in my academy worked. I wrote contents with keywords, like I do in my blogs. Used lots of hashtags and added endless pages to put my academy higher in the search engine rank”, expressed Nadia.

With the help of these in-package tools Nadia Stevens is now one of the most popular online algebra teacher in the English speaking world. She is now earning enough to fund her own political campaigns.

The rain never stops in the British Isles but thankfully for Nadia it is raining money right now with more than 2000 registered learners in her academy.

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