Nail Your eLearning Course Cover Design

by Anand Tiwary January 28, 2021
Nail your eLearning course cover design

“Never judge a book by its cover” is what they say, but in the world of eLearning what can guarantee you all the attention is the cover design. People will easily click away from your website if your course cover design is shabby. So, you better pull up your socks!

Take good care of the way you make your cover look, because no matter how professionally written and well informed your content is it is incomplete without a good presentation. In this article, you will be reading the process on how to make your cover game strong.

Effective and efficient tips

People will judge you based on your eLearning course cover design. This implies to the crummy graphics, at odds with the texts, colour, and grammatical errors are equal to flawed eLearning courses. This however is because people would not want to open course content with a shabby cover design. It is therefore wise to put the effort into improving your eLearning course cover design so it can attract more participants. In this article, we will be talking about the steps involved in improving your eLearning course cover design.

Petition of the visual hierarchy

Differentiate your text from top to bottom design to allow learners to pick the most vital information at the first glance. For example, if you see a course cover design that has font sizes, styles, and colours that are all the same, how would you rate such a cover design on an eLearning course? At the same time you can make it distinguished by developing a cover page by adding text, font style, and sizes, adjusting the text position, text colour, and background colour.

Make the internet your idea hub

If you check on the internet you will get a lot many ideas for your designs. The internet has several resources that can give you several inspirations and ideas. For example, you can design your eLearning course cover based on the already popular e-learning websites. Furthermore ensure that you do not directly borrow any idea but seek inspiration from elsewhere.

Also, an authoring tool has many presents that you should make use of wile designing your eLearning training courses. Another thing that you can do is to derive ideas from two different ideas. This will make it look unique and original as well. For instance, you can take design and layout ideas from already established websites. This will make your own online courses look aesthetically appealing. However, barring the colour theme and the overall template alignment do not ape the website exactly as it is. Otherwise, it would look like a ditto copy of the website.

Keep it sober

Less is more, so better to keep it simple yet stunning. Keep your cover design as simple as you can. Do not bore your learner with too much boring information on your cover page. Be on the point by adding the most valid information and do not try to describe it with examples. If your cover page is full of texts then your learners might get distracted. That probably might take their focus away from the eLearning course content.

Keep it as white as the snow-

To avoid bombarding your cover page with too many texts, make user of white space. After a line of text, you should add a line or two before another line of text. It will help you carry the page, and be as neat as possible. Make sure not to overdo it because it might make your cover page look bland and barren. Space will make your design element stand out.

Play where appropriate-

Why are you concerned about being professional? Your cover page should look fun to read. Play with your content (if it requires), and depending on the subject, humour could make your eLearning cover page stand out from others. This also gives you the chance to make it look chic and savvy.  Do not overdo it much because it can make your work look childish. Try to strike the balance well.

Add versatility to stand out-

Be creative when you are designing your eLearning cover page. You do not always have to go by the rules when you can set new. You can incorporate video and animations into your cover page to tell your audience about what your eLearning course is about. This will also allow you to display your multiple scenes and characters instead of just adding texts and images. Nowadays online learners prefer video to text.


Many people can say that it is naive to judge an online idea by the covers. However, the cover page is an opportunity for you to sell your learning training course through your audience. If your cover page is good enough, most of your audience will subscribe to you.

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