Online Employee Training You Should Know About During This COVID-19 Lockdown

by Anand Tiwary July 21, 2020

The global pandemic has surely taken us all by surprise and if you are a recruiter or an employer, you might be wondering that you have given work from home to all your employees but what about the new joiners who haven’t been through their initiation yet? Well don’t worry, we have got you covered with some Online employee training you should know about during your Covid-19 Lockdown.

There are various ways of doing so without risking your life or the life of the employee, you just need to conduct the whole employee training online and plan it out accordingly. This also includes the orientation to the final part where you make them aware of your product. Online employee training can have some major benefits like :

  • Increases confidence and job satisfaction: Research had found out that confidence is the key factor of a good employee and it helps to reduce the attrition rate of the company. Employees who have online training are found to be more effective and confident during their work. This also indirectly increases job satisfaction and creates a positive work environment for everyone.
  • Improve Knowledge and skill retention: Online training provides an opportunity for everyone to brush up on their skills as if someone was taught an important skill while training him or her but due to not applying it for long at work, the person might start to forget it completely or part by part. With Online Training, they can access the online module whenever an employee would want to and thus taking it periodically increases the chance of remembering all the steps correctly.
  • Stay up-to-date with various procedures and products: The company might upgrade their product from time to time and if they want all their employees to stay updated with their latest developments so that they can convey it to the customers and hence increase their brand image. With online training they can add a training module to the course and instead of telling everyone to take the full course again, they can instruct their employees to log in and find the latest modules added and complete them.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses: Taking the exam periodically and multiple times shall help you to judge the performance of your employees. You will stay updated with the strength and weaknesses of your employees. It shall also help you to judge how effective your training course or method is and then tweak or make changes to it accordingly. Through this method, you can also identify any knowledge gap that you might have amongst your employee and then you can decide how you would want to fill the gap.
  • Save Miscellaneous expenses and create an online library for training: The miscellaneous expenses which were needed to facilitate the training like food or lodging for the employee shall be saved and you only need to create it once but it can be reused as many times as you would want it to and even modify them in minutes if they require any changes.
  • Connecting with everyone around the globe and faster response time: The best advantage of online training is the absence of any geographical barrier for the employees. This gives you the opportunity to connect with them despite where they are and no hassle or extra reimbursement costs of having to gather them in one place. After any exam, the results can be processed faster than manual checking or a physical exam and hence quickly generate an assessment report for everyone. This helps to keep track of an employee’s improvement over the training and measure all the outcomes.
  • Reduce carbon footprint and leverage the potential of the tech-savvy generation: It is of no doubt that the current generation of employees are more tech-savvy and they are comfortable being online. Thus to use their potential and to stay in sync with everyone, online employee training is the perfect way to do so. It also saves the burden of a physical classroom and other amenities and thus reduces the carbon footprint of a company and makes them more eco friendly.

Thus online employee training has more potential to it than you can imagine. So you can transform your offline course to an online one or create a brand new online course for your employees. To create your online employee training course over a short period of time and launch it today, you can choose platforms such as which offer a number of packages with inbuilt tools that will help you to create amazing online courses in the field of employee training.

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