Online Vs Offline Learning and Why The Former Is Becoming More Popular

by Anand Tiwary July 21, 2020

The eLearning industry is growing into a multi-billion dollar industry. Everyday more and more academies are converting to their online counterparts to reach more learners and grow their business. But many of you are still wondering why the eLearning industry has witnessed such a business boom of late. What are the key features that make online learning so very popular?

In this article, we are going to focus on why online learning is on the rise. Here, we are not focusing on simply the accessibility or the features that any one group of learners like. We are going to highlight some glaring high points of online learning that is super beneficial for course creators as well as learners. So why is online learning a total win-win scenario for the academia sphere? Well, here’s the answer to that.

Money, money, money:

Online courses are simply easier to maintain and develop. Compared to a traditional learning environment, online learning is quite pocket friendly and easier to maintain. Not only can you forego resource costs such as budget for classrooms, books, maintenance staff but you can also forego on any commute charges that might pile up to a lot of overhead cost for you academy. With online learning, you can create and sell courses online with a minimal team and some support members. Another added benefit of online learning is time savings. You have often heard the phrase that time is money and this is very true for businesses. Your time can be utilised to create a number of new ventures and tasks that can help with your profit margins. However, offline or traditional learning methods are very time consuming. This is another reason why online learning is such a popular choice amongst teaching faculties as well as learners.

Customisation and Personalisation

Apart from the productive group sessions, which are really helpful, traditional training is soon going to be a thing of the past. Offline courses are led by the lecturer and they don’t have any scope to monitor and track individual employees. They cannot measure the knowledge transfer for each individual. Online training can be a bit of isolating at times but it is easy to track corporate learners and keep up with their performance reports. You can view what they are struggling at or what they excel at. Accordingly, this shows you their potential and also where you can improve your course for learners like them to improve. You can customise and craft online course with keeping in mind some individual employee specifications which will help them become better. This ensures that everyone gets their maximum benefit from their E-learning course.

Greater Variety while choosing a particular topic

One seminar is generally focused on one topic, there might be subtopics in it but it’s all under one common point. Covering more points also increases the costs involved and the corporate disruption caused due to such wide seminar can hamper the business. Hence online Learning can come and save your day by offering hundreds of E-learning courses which can be learnt at the leisure time if the employee. Thus it doesn’t require office hours or business hours and can be done during their free time which means they can be more productive. Thus instead of one workshop in a year, one course every week seems to be a reasonable number.

Better Balance between Life and Work

Sometimes we tend to focus more on the mobility aspect of online learning but there are other better advantages also like studying with your kids or family. You can gather in the living room and sit with your kids while they do their homework, you can finish your online courses and thus you all will stay in an educational atmosphere which will benefit both of you. You can also download the courses and watch them at your leisure time or where internet connectivity isn’t strong enough. You can also pursue your course while on a vacation and thus you can either use the hotel wifi or can download them previously. This is how an Online Platform is much superior than the offline platform and the former has an edge over the latter is the ultimate online course building platform where you can design and launch your courses in a very short time. To create the best virtual learning experience for your workforce, visit COA’s website and create your courses with the help of the best creative and authoring tools.

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