Opt for the Right Modalities for Your Blended Learning Curriculum

by Anand Tiwary August 08, 2020

Online courses are planned and delivered using certain strategies to maximise the success and reach of the online course. Generally, content creators focus on some diverse modalities to mix things up and keep the course engaging for the learners. At the beginning of the course, content creators need to conduct some research and fix on the modalities that they want to utilise within their course. If you’re going through this article then you are surely considering the importance of various modalities within your course. This article will help you go through the process of choosing and mixing up modalities and delivery techniques that can improve the understanding and engagement of your audience base.

Surveys conducted by platforms and digital academies have found that learners often need a mix of effective modalities to perform their best. So what aspects of your online courses do you need to focus on to come up with a modality that best suits your learner base? The basic rule of thumb is to always keep in mind the needs of the learners and figuring out what makes their brain tick. However, learners’ needs keep changing depending on a number of factors. So here’s everything you need to know to figure out the best modality and delivery approach for your online courses.

How to choose the best modality?

There can be many delivery methods and you need to choose the one which is best suited according to your needs and your content. Let’s take an example of the manager of a call centre who is in the middle of updating the training process as the company announced new security and privacy policies.

After some testing and feedback, the company is expecting some frustrated customers as the new process is lengthy and hence the employee’s don’t need to only learn the new process but also how to handle the new complaints or increased volume of contents from the customers. This process was previously used to train the employees but as the employee volume is increasing, the tie is becoming a pressing factor to train them all.

Thus the final decision is to utilise Blended Learning to make the process efficient and also retain the human interaction part of the training. Now the company must choose the delivery method which needs to be used

Only choose the important ones

It can be very tempting to include a method because it seems to be interesting or it can be fun. One should organise the content and find out which exactly what delivery methods can provide the best learning initiatives and how to provide the best practice experience for the learners. You should begin by questioning yourself regarding what do learners need, to be able to do it and what do the learners need to know to be able to do it.

In the aforementioned scenario, the people need to show the behaviours which are associated with the recent service improvement process which is also known as Hear, empathize, Apologize and Take action. This falls under “need to do” Content if the modality. But before the whole process begins and the learners can demonstrate their skills in handling the customers, they need to know the full form of H.E.AT. and this is the “Need to Know” part of the content.

How to deliver important messages and content?

In the duration of the course, you are probably going to come across some difficulties while trying to deliver content that needs to be read ASAP. So how can you ensure that your learners focus on such content and engage with it as soon as you deliver it? The proper way to introduce such important content or messages is through audio-visual methods. Graphics and banners can also be used to design a content that is immediately noticeable and most importantly easily understood.

In spite of contrasting tones and attractive graphics, sometimes students may not be able to capture the content you are sharing. To ensure that you are delivering the right content to the right group of learners, you will probably need to use a lot of premium tools and survey options that allow you to collect feedback from your learners. offers multiple creative tools, as well as surveying tools hat, can help you to create the best of blended content and also track the progress of your learners with equal efficiency.  If you are ready now to integrate blended learning into your course, visit COA’s website today and try out their platform to design and launch your online courses today.

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