Perks of Using CreateOnlineAcademy as Your Next LMS

by Anand Tiwary August 08, 2020

Are you confused between eLearning and LMS and which one will be the best for you? Then I have some information which might help you make a final decision. No doubt specialised eLearning software is good but an LMS is better as it is a complete package bundled together for your organization and the pros of investing in one outweighs eLearning advantages. LMS is the pride of a training company and they help you bring more profit by efficient and better packaging of your products and their effective promotion. excels in all these features and below are some reasons why you should definitely use this as your next LMS.

  • Multiple/ Individualised Portals for Clients: offers you the ultimate online course building platform where you can come up with multiple ideas for online courses and manage them simultaneously. A great LMS is one which is able to understand and handle all of your needs. COA’s Learning Management System allows you to create different portals for different user groups or targeted contents groups. To personalise your digital academy according to the targeted user groups, COA’s LMS also offers tools that help with segmenting the different user groups clearly while maintaining the highest quality.
  • Secure Payment Gateways: To create and sell courses online, you will probably need a secure payment gateway. Moreover, technical glitches or rough purchase experiences can turn away genuine customers from your digital academy. To give your clients a smooth checkout experience, you need an LMS that is equipped with a secure payment gateway that offers multiple eCommerce options for customers to choose from. Most clients who are looking for a good eLearning experience will be more willing to invest their money and time into a digital academy that provides them with a smooth checkout and decreased lag time once they have made up their minds to add a course to their cart. offers you a technical platform brimming with premium tools, user-friendly LMS, technical support 24/7 and of course a secure payment gateway with various payment options such as net banking, credit and others for clients to choose from at checkout.
  • Branding and Marketing Support: Amidst the tough competition in the eLearning industry, it is easy to get lost as there are multiple options for similar course content. Branding and Marketing campaigns play a huge role in keeping an eLearning business alive and well. Branding is all about staying true to your identity and core values. com offers multiple bespoke designs and graphics that allow you to come up with unique ways in which you can add a logo, banner or message board within your online course that spreads awareness amongst all your paid and free trial users. COA also offers online and offline dual-marketing support that is a unique feature which allows you to use anything from social media interactions to offline course re-sellers to increase your audience base as well as your sales.
  • Limited Free Trials and Virtual Experiences: Clients in the eLearning industry like to tour or experience their products before investing in it. Limited free trials allow customers to try out the LMS, website, apps and other features before investing in the course. offers clients a virtual tour of the course with limited course content that allows your clients to make up their minds and smoothly transition into your digital academy.
  • Social Media Tools and Affiliate Marketing: Social media plays a huge role in marketing and branding campaigns. com offers a number of social media tools that you can use for your branding purposes. You can also use these tools to create leads via social media and keep in touch with your audience base or create snippets of your course to give people a taste. COA also offers amazing tools for affiliate marketing and offline reselling sources that will help you create and sell courses online with that much more ease.
  • Technical Support: offers 24/7 technical support for not only vendors but also for all the customers using their LMS. Technical support is immensely important to provide your clients with an experience that is free from glitches, problems and hassles. The more you ease the experience for potential clients, the more you can attract clients that turn into long term visitors to your digital academy. With technical support and a versatile LMS, you can launch your online courses and keep growing your business without any technical problems.

Thus in short offers you a unique LMS that has all the ultimate features to help you create and sell online courses faster, more efficiently than the competition and why you should definitely use it as your next LMS.

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