Problems of Rapid E-Learning During Lockdown

by Anand Tiwary October 20, 2020

Over the last couple of years we have repeatedly stressed on the importance of rapid e-learning both in a workforce environment and for students. However, not everything is hunky-dory or an easy ride. Like everything else in life there is no sure shot advantage of rapid e-learning courses.

Online educators who have opened their academies with have recently pointed out to the fact that rapid e-learning courses are failing to meet the learning goals especially during the lockdown.

So, what has changed? Why is one e-learning strategy which was very popular even a year ago is now delivering less and less?

Well our experts believe that the social consumption habit of the online learners have changed dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic. With more time in hand they are now less inclined to rush through their modules.

Lack of Quality Association     

Whilst the students still prefer that the size of the lecturers remains small but at the same time they do not desire to rush through things faster. The lack of social connection has made them rely more on the associations online and that is the reason why online education has become a primary focus point. In case of rapid e-learning modules that level of association is lacking and hence the learners are not very keen on continuing.

Compromised Quality

Many online teachers also believe that the enhanced focus on rapid e-learning is actually compromising the quality of education. As a result of that the retention power of the students are also getting diminished. That is why the once popular e-learning strategy is now being questioned by the experts.

Absence of Emotional Attachment

In most of the cases before the pandemic, online education was considered to be an adjunct to the actual classroom training programs. The students had a social surrounding in where they learned and thrived. However, the lockdown due to the pandemic has altered everything. Now they seek real human connection, online. The rapid e-learning courses lack the emotional quotient of the education and that is where the strategy is failing. Being unable to find the real social connection the online students prefer to move away from the rapid e-learning modules.

 Less Variation in Design

One thing which is certain in case of an online rapid learning module is that the structure and design of the courses will be similar. They are segmented into similar looking modules which cannot be easily differentiated. That is the reason why many students find it difficult to retain the contents being taught in a rapid e-learning module.

Not Suitable for All Online Courses

While rapid e-learning along with proper gamification props can actually be an instant hit in some of the subjects but it cannot be considered as a generic strategy for all kind of online courses. Especially during the lockdown when all the students and the online teachers are seeking a sustainable online educational process where they can learn and teach respectively it is impossible to focus solely on rapid e-learning strategies.

At we allow the online tutors to create and sell online courses. Our platform offers full flexibility to the online trainers to add unlimited number of online lecturers in any format they prefer. That is why the online educators, launching their online academies using our platform, can easily break their courses into unlimited segment thereby allowing the learners to learn in small bites as per their need and preferences. Also there are discussions boards associated with each and every lecture where both the teacher and the students can post comment and ask queries. This enables a healthy social connect associated with each lecture of the online academy.

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