Quick Tips to Transform Your Classroom Learning to Online Learning

by Anand Tiwary August 08, 2020

COVID-19 has brought a lot of surprises and new aspects to our life. One of the major changes during this global pandemic has been the rapid shift from classroom learning to online learning or eLearning modules. Schools, colleges, universities and other academic institutions have their resources spread over the board trying to create and sell courses online. Educators have a strong role to play in the life of an average learner. As such most educators and leadership development stakeholders are struggling to create courses that are high impact and most importantly remotely accessible to learners across the globe.

As more and more competitors enter the field of eLearning, creating popular online courses and training modules is becoming more and more difficult. Amidst the race of converting all of your traditional learning resources into a comprehensive online course, a lot of quality gets compromised and ends up downgrading the learning experience for your students. So what can you do to create a wholesome eLearning experience? Small steps can go a long way towards reaching this goal and here are 7 such go-to tips that can shape your online course into a wholesome deal for your learners.

  1. Structure, Research, Create: One of the hardest steps that every course creator goes through is the creation phase. Before you can consider the execution or how well your students will receive your course, you first need to focus on the core idea of the course and what content is needed to give comprehensive knowledge of the course objectives. To do this successfully, you need to structure a basic skeletal layout of your course objectives, learning goals, basic business plan and of course, your design graphics and LMS. Then you need to piece them all together and create the masterpiece course that you desire to create and your course will be great.
  2. Adopt Learning Techniques: The eLearning industry has evolved a lot from what it was before. Now, a lot of modern techniques such as blended learning, bite-sized learning, self-paced dynamic learning and others have a lot of impact on the popularity and success of the courses that you design. According to the Learning Pyramid, students retain a lot more of the course if you provide them with a serving of content that is varied over textual facts, video and other interactive quizzes or application-based activities. You need to focus on the user behaviour of your targeted audience and create content that is the perfect balanced diet for learning for your learners.
  3. Develop your Content over Stages: In the world of eLearning, content is king. Your content can single-handedly make or break your digital academy. Generally, the best way to develop quality content is to go through specific stages such as analysis of the needs of your learners, designing your course content based on the researched metrics, testing your content using targeted users and then creating feedback portals for continuous assessment of the effectivity of the content developed. While designing your content, it is very essential to focus on engaging and interactive options such as quizzes and assessments. Due to the high-stress levels of learners amidst the global lockdown, user behaviour shows that adding humour or interactive scenario-based learning into your course may yield success.
  4. Easy accessibility: Stay at home learners desire a seamless learning experience free from technical difficulties or a rigid LMS that doesn’t let them navigate through learning modules. As a course moderator, you need to put yourself into your user’s mind space and find solutions to the inconveniences that might drive away your learners. If you have the needed resources then creating learning apps is also a great idea to provide easy access to your learners. In this way, you can keep your learner interested and they can do it from the ease of their home which is a major advantage for many.
  5. Focus on Excellent Delivery: Platforms such as offer you the best packages with a user friendly, dynamic LMS and an arsenal of creative and authoring tools combines with marketing support. However, all of this cannot help if your course content delivery is weak. By delivery, we mean to highlight the small details such as the quality of your video recordings or the cohesiveness of your content modules. Your delivery needs to be such that the course flows into a streamlines experience where the learner can travel from one high-impact, precise learning module to another while picking up clear learning objectives.


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