Reasons to Integrate Communication Apps with your LMS

by Anand Tiwary August 08, 2020

Communication is the key to success and an LMS with a good communication platform is bound to succeed despite all odds.

Over recent years, the communication platform has grown beyond bounds and now communication has become the key in business and there are multiple ways to communicate with each other. These can consist of passive or text or email-based communication or real-time as in video calling or screen sharing. Some communication methods come with a mix of both which act as a very useful tool for communication. Learners would love to communicate with each other and if the LMS does not give an inbuilt platform, they would use another Platform to communicate and hence that increases the chances of distraction and so we would want the learner to stay inside the LMS and keep their focus. This is where having communication apps helps in the long run and it provides an easy method for communication between the learners and the learner with the instructor. Thus here are some reasons as to why you should have an inbuilt communication tool to stay ahead of the competition in the market.

Better Engagement with students

When compared to a conventional LMS, a communication platform has a number of engaging features which post-millennials and millennials can connect with. The ability to share files and data also enhances the student engagement factor.  The more fun the communication system is, chances are that the learners would be keener to use it and bring their friends also to use it and stay in touch with them and hence this will help the course grow and a community will be established in this manner. They will utilise the services of the LMS and use it’s communication features to solve their doubts or raise new questions when they get stuck or need help.

Save time by storing FAQ question and answers

One of the most useful features of a communication platform is that all conversations are archived in channels for all members to ponder upon and some platforms even have bots which can be programmed to answer all the frequently asked questions of the FAQ. These can be used to take the pressure of the instructor and establishing automatic replies to frequently raised issues. These help to support learners 24*7 and they can also get an instantaneous answer to their questions and don’t have to wait for the response of the instructor and the instructor can focus on other unanswered questions and equip the bot to answer them too.

Always connected

Any communication platform always comes with their own application which is in both Android and iOS versions to include almost everyone and hence it is a way of instant messaging and reply instead of sending an email and waiting for its reply which is uncertain. Hence it greatly improves time and swiftness over its predecessors. For example, if a learner is facing doubt and needs help from the instructor, the learner can first use the bot and if it is also unable to help, then they can message the instructor and the instructor can view it with a higher priority and reply instantly to help the learner.

Possibility of Gamification

Some platforms provide a way to give the learners incentive for answering questions or while getting quiz answers correct. This can increase their motivation to answer more questions correctly and make the whole community active. At the end of the week or month, the scores can be tracked through a leaderboard and the winner can be given a prize or a reward and then the leaderboard shall be reset to give everyone a fair chance for the next week or month. This will keep the communication channel active with people competing for the leaderboard and this the whole community of learners will be uplifted by this initiative.

The mix of both Formal and Casual

Communication can be done in various forms and channels can also be set as private or public. One can even message someone one to one in the channel and thus they can Converse there privately also. Most of the communication platforms have support for GIF or other features like media and location and this helps to make the conversation smooth and share information. Some platforms even allow learners to share their reactions to a particular message and this is a great way of feedback which is relatable to the audience.

Thus now you know the benefits and why you should integrate a communication Application with your LMS and if you need any help with the creation of courses, then you should visit, where you can create the best online courses and dodge all blind spots and make the perfect course with the best tools available out there.

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