Social Media Marketing Tricks for Selling Online Courses

by Anand Tiwary November 13, 2020
Social Media Marketing Tricks for Selling Online Courses

Have you ever wondered why one online course might succeed, and the other one fails? There are specific courses that can quickly gather a considerable number of sales, but some might fail to achieve it. It all lies in how the content is marketed or the promotion of the course.

Hence we shall talk about some of the best Social media marketing tips and tricks that will help you create and sell online courses that will become popular among learners and perform better than your rivals.

Cross-Promote Other Course creators on Social Media

Use Social media to cross-promote other course creators who make similar content like yours, and with that, you can create a fan following of people who will keep coming back to your page for more quality content.

If you are starting, you can reach out to other content creators and ask them to collaborate with you and then publish the course. This will help you kickstart your page and help you get noticed on a bigger platform.

While using social media, you can tag them in your tweets or videos and post and grab their attention and the attention of their followers. Helping other content creators means that they will help you in the future too.

Share a part of your Course Resources.

You can either share a full course online or choose to share a part of your course online for others to see and judge for themselves. People love to get a demo or a glance into what they will be paying for, and if they think that the course is worth it, they will be motivated to enroll for the course.

You can also choose to put up a course for free and break the ice between you and the potential learners. People are attracted to free things, and they will try out the course, and you can link your other courses inside this course.

If they think that the free course was excellent, an impression will be formed to try a paid course and take it as it will be worth it. Thus in this way, though you will be giving out a course for free, you will also be gaining a lot of new learners for your other courses, and you can eventually repeat the pattern from time to time.

Have special offers for Media Followers

You can set up a social media referral system for people referred via their channels by creating a unique link and giving them a 10 or 15% discount. The best way to win them is by painting a picture of the whole referral system that will work. An image or a poster works the best for attracting people who are interested in E-Learning.

You can also have special discounts for your page followers and give out discount coupons on your page or even hold contests. The winner will get 50% off, and then the first runner-up will get 30%.

Create a free introductory course for all

You can create a free course that will cover all the essential topics slightly or give them an intro to every course and then provide them with the full course link to explore. People will opt-in for the introduction course, and you can create a learner from there.

Have a mailing list ready from all the people who have signed up for the free introduction course as all social media pages are not indeed your data. Still, this mailing list is your information, and you can periodically send out a promotional email about new courses or materials to them.

The main aim of this free course is to gain a lifelong learner, and when they complete the course, you can mail them about all the paid courses available, and if they liked the introduction course, they would start signing up for other courses. Hence you should make it right and solve all their doubts which may arise.

Offer free 30 minute sessions on popular courses.

You can choose to offer free 30 minutes live sessions or webinars from your most popular courses to gather more learners and give everyone a chance to get a glimpse of the course.

This can help gather new learners and boost the sales of the courses that are already present. Hence you should offer free sessions from time to time regarding popular courses.

These are some of the tricks for selling online courses, and if you have any questions, you should visit, where you can create online courses.

You will also find various design tools and third party sales and marketing tools to help you create a very engaging online course, which you will need for your learners and help you avoid any errors while making it.

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