Things Your Next SaaS For LMS Must Include

by Anand Tiwary July 27, 2020

This lockdown, due to Covid-19 has brought out the best out of us and the worst out of us, at the same time. It seems like that the e-learning industry has witnessed some recent success. Hurray! But is it all good news?

In absence of a scheduled routine of the learners the online teachers who conduct one-to-one sessions on Skype or Zoom are finding it difficult to allot time or find time to carry on with the thing. With the global economy taking a huge hit, the paid YouTube channels are also witnessing some crunch.

That is why it is becoming evident, by the day, that a proper Learning Management System (LMS) is the only ideal platform for the online teachers to create and sell online courses. However, buying an LMS, especially at this stage, takes certain considerations. It is not like deciding the perfect wine for your dinner. An LMS should make sure whether your online courses will be a success or a failure.

We have put down an exclusive list of things you need to ensure before making the BIG decision of purchasing an LMS.

Adaptive to Mobile Phones

There is a reason why magic spells are normally short verses and not long narratives. Same applies for mobile learning platforms. One should realize that mobile devices are entangled with the personal life of the user. That means he/she will keep on having notifications from his/her social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix etc, during the duration of the learning interaction. This will curb their attention span. So, if there are long texts to be read then naturally he/she will lose the track. This will make the learning less effective.

That is why it is break the entire courses into small snippet like lecturers. This keeps the information short and it does not challenge the learner. Adhering to the concept of micro-learning we allow unlimited lectures to be added in every course.

Supports Branding Ambitions

You might think that your courses are different and that will help you boost your own brand image. You will be quite right to assume so. However, in the modern era of social media promotions and heavy branding unless you appear to be “different” no one will actually accept you as someone different. That is where bespoke designing comes handy.

With your own look-n-feel you will be satisfied and confident with your online academy. That enables you to connect to your learners in a more profound way. You can exert your identity more visibly and communicate with your learners with more clarity. Opting for a standardized template, available online, will make your academy appear mundane and regular. It will lose the zing which makes it unique. That is why it is essential that you create your own brand image by creating a website which truly represents you.

At we aim to free you from the shackles of limited choice. As an online teacher or an online professional you deserve better. That is why we provide bespoke design solutions to gift you the unique design you need and want. If you want to get your own online academy with bespoke design then you can call us, today.

Robust Reporting System

An effective LMS app includes robust reporting features so that you can monitor performance. For example, it gives you the ability to evaluate eLearning assessment results and see how often employees log in to the platform. Some platforms even allow learners to report informal learning activities. That way, they get credit for participating in social media discussions or attending online live events. Lastly, the LMS app should have data visualizations to make the diagnostic process stress-free: for instance, charts and graphs, so that you can quickly view completion rates or engagement stats.

Backs Sales and Marketing

The major pain point for any course creator is sales and marketing and we at offer you online and offline marketing tools, direct marketing support like many SEO tools, third-party tools integration like MailChimp, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, Whatsapp chat etc. So, ultimately you will get your money’s and time’s worth.

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