Tools That You Need For Ultimate E-Learning Solutions

by Anand Tiwary April 10, 2020

The technology surrounding the e-learning industry is fast evolving. There is no doubt about that fact. However, with the convenience of technology the competition is also increasing. That means, day-by-day, it is becoming incredibly challenging for the online educators and e-learning professionals to market their solutions and generate a steady income.

Unlike many other online academy creating websites we do not deny the fact that selling online courses is a challenging task. It takes a lot of time and effort to grow a suitable network of learners. That is why we at have designed the most innovative solutions which will not only help you generate steady sales of your online courses but also at the same time it will help you stand out from the rest of the online institutions.

Online and Offline Affiliate Marketing Tools:

At we allow our educators to integrate various online marketing channels and social-media plug-ins in order to boost their business from the start. Even our basic package has such facilities because we understand that without the affiliated tools it is very difficult to grow a proper learner-base in the current market.

However, apart from the online affiliate marketing tools we also allow you to integrate re-sellers who in-turn can sell your courses offline and generate a steady source of cash. That means, we necessarily offer you a double source of marketing which will give your online academy an extra boost. No other SaaS for LMS gives this facility.

Huge Pile of Search Engine Optimization Tools:

We all know it by now that search engine optimization enables your website to rank high on the search results. Now on many occasions there is very little scope for optimizing your online academy. You only get to add specific number of words on your course descriptions and that is not good enough.

At we allow you to create unlimited number of pages in your online academy. You can add as much content you want in order to push your academy rank higher. Apart from this, there are multiple search engine optimization tools which come with our package and it will help you boost your website. Again, no other SaaS for LMS gives this facility.

Bespoke Design Solutions

Your e-learning platform can stand out from the crowd only if it looks different. In case of most online academy creating SaaS there are set templates which you have to use. Whilst the templates are all wonderful but it makes your website look ordinary. However, in case of we give you the opportunity of a bespoke design solution where you can custom make your online academy exactly how you desire to create. Isn’t it wonderful? Once again, no other SaaS for LMS gives this facility.

Integrate Your Own Payment Gateway

We provide inbuilt facility to connect your PayPal account with your online academy. However, over and above we offer assistance in integrating your various other payment gateways. You might or might not have a PayPal account. But that should not stop you from getting payment via your desired payment channel. We will do that for you. And if not we have said it several times already, no other SaaS for LMS gives this facility.

All the above mentioned services offered by incur no extra cost. The services are included within the packages mentioned in the pricing page of the website.

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