Ultimate E-learning Authoring Tools

by Anand Tiwary August 10, 2020
Ultimate E-Learning Authoring Tools

With the variety of E-learning tools that are available on the market today, it is not very easy to select the perfect one for your organization. A good or bad E-learning authoring tool can either make or break your whole LMS and thus is very important to choose the best for your organization. Thus we will look into the best 10 ways to choose the right authoring tool for you.

Deployment Type

You need to consider how the e-learning authoring tool is hosted and will it be accessible from all parts of the world with s viable network connection over the cloud or does it need to be installed locally? The other thing you need to remember is to check for alignment of support specifications and your online training requirements so that there are no compatibility issues down the road. Thus you need to think ahead of time and think of all the possible scenarios while deciding if this is going to be the best solution for you or not.

Media integration

Various E-learning experiences include a rich and engaging multimedia immersion for the online learners which captures their attention and makes them more focused on the course. Thus the tool must contain media support so that interactive online content can be created and deployed on it for the learners. They improve the retention rate of knowledge and teaches them real-world values without any real consequences of they fail. This acts as a safety net for them to experiment and learn from their mistakes. This can be achieved in the form of games, simulations, videos and branching scenarios. Hence you need to check how easily you can import media from external links or videos and how you can record or edit them.

In-built Features

Many E-learning authoring tools have an inbuilt online asset training library which includes multiple features and characters, to begin with. Thus you should also consider this criterion for the tool in regard to the themes and templates that come with it and how you expand that Library according to your needs. Sometimes even the vendor will update their library to include nee training resources and this is an important factor to consider while selecting the best online authoring tool for your organization.

How good is their support?

You need to consider how available their support is and what is it’s cost options if any? Some tools might come with just a FAQ or video demos and training tutorials, others might provide 24/7 phone assistance, an active group of users or live chat.

Assessment and training tools

Many authoring tools provide easy evaluation and assessment tools to help identify the parts where the learner is lacking behind and to track their progress. This will keep track of their progress and which areas the learners find it most difficult and how the course can be improved. The results can also be used as a feedback factor about the course which can make it better.

Security and safety

You need to make sure that your data is safe no matter if it’s hosted locally or on a cloud server. Hence you should verify the vendor’s content security protocols while choosing your authoring tool like password protection, website-specific, watermarks or a time-limited display are some of the many security areas to look out for.

Pricing model

You always need to check their pricing model of whether they work on the basis of a one-time license or a monthly subscription basis. Both have their own pro’s and con’s like in a monthly subscription, the vendor will update and upgrade the tool but it can become costly in the long run but the one time license can look costly initially but is good for a long run as you will own the product but you would have to handle its updates and upgrades. The vendor can help you a bit with guides and how to do it

UI/UX experience

You need to judge and see for yourself the User Interface and the user experience to be sure that it is not too difficult to navigate and it is user friendly for your organization. You need to consider what features it uses like drag and drop or from scratch HTML5 e-learning. Both have their advantages of easy to make and more flexibility while making it respectively. Similarly disadvantages like predefined choices and difficult to make from scratch. Thus you can test it on a set of users to get their feedback on it before finalizing one.

Thus now you know some of the best ways to choose the perfect E-learning authoring tool and you should look for these points as much as possible and if you need any help with the creation of online courses, then you should visit, where you can make the best online courses. You will also find a variety of design tools and third party sales and marketing tools to help you build a very engaging online course which you will need for your learners and help you avoid any errors while making it.

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