Virtual Learning-No Longer A Luxury But A Necessity

by Anand Tiwary July 27, 2020

Virtual learning and its many advantages have been gaining popularity very quickly. Learners have started to browse the options available through digital learning rather than traditional classroom learning. With the onset of COVID-19 quarantine and lockdown across myriad facilities throughout the world, education has taken a fast curve towards online modes and digital platforms. This just showcases one of the many advantages of virtual learning. COVID-19 may have forced a large number of schools and institutes to quickly launch their courses online but there are a number of other advantages that are available yearlong if you want to avail courses through virtual or digital platforms.

We all know that educational needs are a must even when there are problems like a rampaging virus such as COVID-19. Hence, we have compiled here a list of some major reasons why you should convert to digital academies or take up a blended learning approach for your learners. To make sure that your learning experience is problem-free and easy to maintain, go through the following advantages and launch your online academy today.

  1. Easy Accessibility: You must be experiencing terrible inconveniences as schools, colleges and educational institutions are getting locked down due to the widespread disease known as COVID-19. However, digital academies and online platforms do not need to close down or interrupt your educational needs because they are accessible across the world with the only requirement being a strong internet connection. Not only that, but you can also subscribe to online courses and digital academies to enjoy seamless learning from the comfort of your home where there are no irritations from commuting or time constraints. To gain global access to your educational resources and other learning needs, you can simply subscribe to the digital academies where online courses on such topics are available. Platforms such as offer a number of amazing courses on educational as well as extracurricular topics which you can subscribe to.
  2. Extended choice of courses and programs: The e-learning industry has grown exponentially over the last 2 decades. Now you can select from a number of online courses on various platforms. Not only is there a choice regarding which course you want to avail, but you also get to select from a number of packages and platforms that offer similar courses at various prices. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose an online course that is affordable as well as directed towards the core topic of your interest. As compared to traditional learning, virtual learning provides you wit myriad choices and also the ability to experience some sample classes before paying for the full package. Along with this, most online courses and digital academies offer support and online Q & A forums that you can easily log into and post your doubts.
  3. Affordability: Virtual learning has allowed you to cut down on a number of expense fronts. You can now cut down your commute to different institutions and sit at home with a coffee comfortably as you learn the same topic. Not only that, online courses are way more affordable than your traditional classes as they do not need to spend on resources such as classrooms, real life infrastructure as well as none educational staff. With COVID-19 forcing everyone to stay at home, online courses and digital academies can become your best friends. Using the online courses and other academic resources provided by digital academies you can now continue your educational journey no matter what.
  4. Hands-on along with theory: Most digital academies utilise special learning techniques to make sure that you are able to learn to the best extent. Thus, it is common to find digital academies offering hands-on experiences that enhance the theoretical learning. This helps you to not only learn a topic but also apply it to various fields in order to gain a better understanding of the topic of your interest. Offline or traditional classes may utilise purely theoretical approach which is often lacking and doesn’t provide full level of knowledge that is needed for your topic. So subsribing to an inline course provides you with not only amazing courses at affordable prices but also practical hands-on experience which makes the educational concept complete. allows you create your online courses and launch them using their premium LMS and other tools. Individual teachers and educational institutions can leverage from our pedagogical tools to help the students in the time of such crisis.

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