Visually Interactive Courses & Their Core Benefits

by Anand Tiwary July 27, 2020

Creating online courses is challenging enough but selling them to e-learners? Now that is a challenge that gives everyone a hard time.

Human behaviour indicates that learners will always be more attracted to visually interactive and engaging content. So what does this translate into for your online courses? You may have incorporated a number of video content and engaging GIFs or infographics into your course but is that enough? Does your course have everything that is needed to attract your target audience?

In this article, we are going to provide you with a simple checklist to make sure that you have a wholesome and fun online course. Here we have also provided some core benefits of visually engaging content that can seriously boost the quality of your online course. Here’s a small checklist of details that contribute to the fun factor of your online course:

  • Precision is key: Readers do not want to go through a load of jargon and frankly it puts them to sleep. A simple way to avoid boring your readers to death is by creating precise content. Play around with sentences and paragraphs and choose the version which is the shortest and most precise.
  • Simplify your content: Complex sentences and formal academic papers full of statistics and equations need a lot of attention to understand and that is not what you need for your courses in general. If your course content does not focus on something mathematical or scientific in nature that requires a serious tone of explanation then you should focus on creating simple and fun content. Tweak your content and their formats to create a result that is simple and easily understood.
  • Formatting, formatting, formatting: Great online courses are formatted thoroughly and inspected to cut through the fillers and present the core information. Some portions of your course content might need more attention than others. To highlight those to your learners, you can easily utilise bold formats and italics styles.
  • Segmentation: User behaviour indicates that learners avoid content that is too big or has chunks of uninterrupted jargon. Your students may be used to scrolling through big chunks of theory. Thus, you need to put the important content somewhere separated from explanatory theory. To do this, you can either segment your theory into small modules or create lists where the explanatory text is put into bulletins for easy consumption.
  • Illustrations and statistics: Graphs, pictorial illustrations, GIFS and other statistical information helps to spice up the monotonous learning process. Pictures are easy to remember and 43% of students retain more learning via pictorial examples. is the ultimate platform that provides you with an arsenal of creative tools that you can use to easily incorporate pictorial and statistical data.

Why should you focus on creating visually engaging courses?

We have provided you with some basic tips that can gain some visual appeal for your course. But why do you need a visually attractive course at all? Visually appealing courses gain some major popularity tokens because of some core benefits. Let us go through some of the reasons why creating a visually appealing course is a must:

  • Colours attract the human eye. Have you gone through colourful magazines and selected clothes with vibrant shades in their designs? This is because your brain is more attracted to colours than monotonous images. E-learners might be going through a large amount of content daily and you need to utilise visuals in a fun way to create a lasting impression.
  • Smartphones showcase visually appealing content. Internet penetration is above 70% in almost all countries and that number keeps growing every day. What this means for online courses is that your student is probably accessing the course content on his or her mobile phone. With smaller viewing screens, monotonous theory and jargon is a big NO! You need to guide your learner’s attention and make them stick to your online course.
  • Visuals help students retain more. It is a common fact that an average student learns better through visuals than basic theory. This translates to the fact that your visuals differentiate your data from all others and guide your reader to the core information that they need to grasp. is the ultimate platform where you can use efficient and creative tools to tweak your content and launch your online courses within a very short period of time. Whether you need marketing support or an arsenal of creative tools, COA has it all and the best part is that they offer it all within their basic package at affordable rates.

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