Ways in which Mobile Learning Technology can Impact a Blended Learning Setup

by Anand Tiwary August 10, 2020

Corporate training has gone through various phases and moved from various instructor-led courses to autonomous and ultimately 100% self-dependant courses with none or little interaction from instructors. Each of the modes has its own advantages but blended learning is the most optimal solution to incorporate the best of both modes.  Blended learning is a mixture of both online and offline learning where they come together to deliver an experience which is optimally blended together from both the does.

How is Blended learning the need of this hour among this pandemic?

The global pandemic has instigated the need for all the organisations to adopt the work from the home approach and even if there is the need for the workplace to stay open, Social distancing norms should be followed and this begs the questions to again evaluate the training mode and method and blended learning to suit everyone’s needs. The workforce of today is multi-generational and hence they all have their own preferences of the mode of training. Thus it is important to cater to all the generations as much as possible and blended learning does this perfectly. While the previous generation or also known as the boomers might prefer an approach where they are guided through this technology and they might find this technological nuance difficult to navigate.

What Role Does mLearning Play In Blended Learning?

Most people are glued to their smartphones today and are hardly ever seen turning it off or disconnecting from it. This presents a major advantage to educators and online course creators who want to create and sell courses online. Anyone who wants to scale up their education plans to reach a wider base can simply create a course that is available via smartphones or mobiles. User behaviour suggests that 78% of corporate training modules are designed to be mLearning adaptable. This is due to several benefits of mLearning that we will be discussing here. Furthermore, mLearning can also present a great advantage for academic institutions that are looking to scale up their operations and move towards a blended learning plan. Now, the question in everyone’s mind is: Why should mLearning excite you? What makes mLearning a key strategy that everyone should gear towards.

Here’s a list of 3 major benefits that you can easily gain through mLearning:

  • Accessibility: A large number of people do not have the time and resources to physically attend classes for upskilling and learning new things. However, mLearning easily allows them to learn continuously by simply tapping into the course via mobile apps or websites whenever they have a few free moments. User behaviour surveys have collected data that suggests that in spite of differing ages and habits, learners, in general, prefer to learn at their own pace and mLearning is their favourite mode of education whenever they have an important skill to learn.
  • Learning on the go: People, in general, have very busy schedules and they do not have a lot of time to dedicate towards learning new things. However, mLearning allows them to utilize pockets of free time such as the time when people are commuting to and fro from jobs or other engagements. This increases the performance and progress of learners easily.
  • Feedback and support: Collecting feedback and reports from your learners is very essential when it comes to running an online course successfully. It is very easy to collect feedback and suggestions from learners using mLearning. Thus, you can use all of this to improve your course and make the necessary changes that can draw in more learners.

How To Leverage mLearning To Maximize Blended Learning Benefits?

Various corporate training depends on the extent of their budget and hence for a better experience at an efficient cost are some of the main learning factors for the rise in popularity of mLearning. But mLearning is more than just transforming the existing course to adjust with the small screen devices. Utilising the full potential of mLearning requires a strategised approach of blended learning and mLearning and this can be achieved by the form of Significant  beginning ILT part and with less online training, to balance ILT and the online training and increased online training with ILT as support. At a lower level, there are many minute pieces of stuff which help in leveraging mLearning to maximize the result of blended learning. They are :

  • Time to time push notifications
  • Sending out reminders for upcoming deadlines and various milestones.
  • A timely assessment and feedback
  • Feedback, clarification and assessment can be delivered instantly via text messages and other forms of instant messaging.
  • .Video calls or conference calls can be used to personalise the trainer and learner interactions
  • It will encourage learning through the medium of social media which is both informative and fun at the same time
  • Better post-training surveys and feedback collection

You can use to create online blended learning courses with tools that help you create content, graphics and much more. Along with this, you also stand to gain strong online and offline marketing support along with 24/7 technical support. Create an account today to create online courses that are engaging, interesting and most importantly learner-friendly!

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