Ways To Ensure Maximum Student Retention In Your Online Academy

by Anand Tiwary July 27, 2020

Selling courses online is an endeavour full of challenges. There are a number of aspects require attention such as course content, marketing and most importantly student retention. The e-learning market is continuously expanding with more and more digital academies gaining popularity amongst students.

So what can you do to ensure that you retain maximum students within your online academy?

In this article, we have compiled some basic strategies that you can use to ensure that your e-learners remain satisfied and engaged with your online courses. Selling courses online is indeed a difficult task if you do not have the requisite tools in your arsenal. Content creators and moderators often face the challenge of retaining students and ensuring their engagement and satisfaction during the course duration. Here’s a list of basic strategies and tools that can help you flourish and sell courses with maximum student retention:

  1. Community Forums and Support

    Online courses require a lot of support and additional resources to fully engage a student. To do this, Q & A forums are the easiest solutions that you can come up with. To form a healthy and productive community, you need to ensure that your learners have positive feedback for their milestone achievements and some positive competition amongst themselves. At COA, we provide learners with a dynamic LMS that can handle their doubts, questions as well as their interactive needs.

  2. Quizzes and assessments

    Students will remain with your digital academy only if they can learn and progress well within the course. Providing course material and interactive content is not enough. You need to organise quizzes and assessments that judge the progress of your learner. If needed, you can personalise the assessments by quizzing them on their weak topics within the course curriculum. By creating quizzes and assessments you can also monitor the students and ensure that they remain engaged with the course.

  3. Early warning setup

    Students often exhibit some signs of discontent with the course and ultimately drop out. Being an online course creator, you want to strictly avoid this scenario. In order to retain the maximum number of e-learners, you need to set up an early warning system. Generally, feedback and progress monitoring is enough to warn you about learners who are not progressing through the course and might be thinking about dropping out.

  4. Ensure efficient marketing support

    Marketing is the most crucial branch of any business. Your courses need to reach the target audience in order to gain popularity and become a success. Ensuring proper marketing support is our responsibility. At, we ensure that you have an arsenal of marketing tools and guidance tips relating to marketing strategies available at your fingertips. This can ease your marketing operations quite a lot.

  5. Increasing audience reach through affiliate marketing:

    Affiliate marketing is an efficient way to market your courses and maximise your reach. At, you can get access to a number of online affiliate marketing tools and social media plug-ins that can provide a major boost to your marketing campaigns. That’s not all, you also gain access to an offline network of re-sellers and academic coaches who will promote your course offline and increase your reach exponentially.

  6. Search Engine Optimisation and ranking:

    Search Engine Optimisation increases the visibility of your online presence. With proper SEO tools, you can inlay your digital academy with content that contains frequently searched keywords. To boost your digital academy, you can use any of the numerous SEO tools available on platforms such as COA is one of the only digital academy platforms that provide such quality tools for SEO.

  7. Graphics and website designs:

    Your digital academy is only as unique as its content. Learners connect better with content that is spiced with some graphics. At COA, you get access to quality graphics options and tools that you can use to customise your designs. All other online platforms provide specific templates that are used to create website designs and course content. At we offer you the chance to stand apart from the crowd using our bespoke custom designs and superior graphics that can give a huge boost to your digital academy.

  8. In-built payment options:

    Attracting and retaining e-learners is all about providing them with an easy yet wholesome experience. At COA, e-learning is supported with inbuilt merchant gateways that allow you to use payment modes such as PayPal and other standard payment modes. provides you with an arsenal of tools and guides that you can use to launch your online course and grow your e-learning business.

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