Ways To Personalize E-Learning To Drive Employee Performance

by Anand Tiwary October 20, 2020

During its nascent stage, one of the primary concerns surrounding e-learning and online education was that it will lack the humanistic touch. People feared that learning online will become a mechanical event and the students will lack interest.

However, countering this view the industry experts of e-learning and the online academies have proven that digital education can be as much fun and interactive as you want them to be. The level of personalization, that is now possible in digital learning environment, makes it possible for improving employee performances.

Enhancing Learner Experience

Many advanced LMS platforms, including the likes of, allow the online educators to improve on the learner experience. The introduction of more dynamic pedagogical tools will enable you to create a more interactive course. The interactive online courses tend to perform better when compared to the ones which are poorly designed. has always focused on allowing the users to embed more video contents and conduct Webinars. So, with our latest software technologies you can easily upload and sell your video courses thereby attracting a huge pool of online students.

Use the Magic of Microlearning

A recent study has revealed that longer courses tend to perform poorly over time. Online students do not spend hours in front of their screens. They learn on the run. They focus on finishing off with some courses and exercises and then they move on to the next one.

That is why in employee training’s also it is essential that you break the modules down in to smaller components. Give personalized targets and daily course suggestions to the employees. Make a list of small and connected synchronous courses with us.

Offer Personalized Progress Reports

One of the key motivations of learning is the progress you are making on it. Learners crave for validation and gratification. Give them that. Learner analytics is used to review student behavior and improve training. There are countless tools available for that, from Learning Management Systems. At we already have a comprehensive set of learner progress analysis tools.

This is will give the employees the additional boost and required motivation. They will keep track of their personal achievements. In that way they will be more engaged with the learning program. High level online e-learning academies tempt the users with regular notifications and points earning opportunities. Industry experts believe that daily motivations and scoring opportunities are good for highly motivated learners. They use micro-rewards to nudge you. For example, you might get a free gift if you open the app on consecutive days, or they might offer bonus coins/points you can earn every day. This reward program will be independent of regular gameplay. The idea is to help you form the habit of regular engagement.

Learner Bots 

You must know about the chat-bots, by now. Yes, they are everywhere. Online academies especially the ones which are dealing with corporate training are using these AI backed learn-bots to enhance their learner instructiveness.

At we also allow our online academy builders with a scope of introducing learn-bots as a mean of interacting with the learners and making the virtual interface a lively one. Learnbots can also operate within or as a front end to Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Learning Experience Platforms (LXP). is one of the most advanced online academy creator and online course builder in the industry. In order to get hold of all the latest trends of the e-learning industry you can check out our latest features.

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