Why Do You Need To Inject Some Reality In Workforce Training?

by Anand Tiwary July 27, 2020

Workforce training is a major concern for corporates and businesses as they need their workforce to grow along with their business. However, workforce training often presents a number of challenges for course creators and content moderators. E-Learning is always designed to ensure that the needs of the target audience are met. However, how can you design a course that teaches behavioural skill sets or practical actions that cannot be generally taught via theory or other content formats?

In this article, we are going to walk you through the benefits and gains of injecting some realism into your online courses. Doing this, you can create and sell online courses that help your target audience learn better and retain the content from your courses. But how can you inject realism into your course content? Are there planned strategies that can help you create realistic content? How can you design something that captures te spirit of real-world obstacles and teaches your workforce about how to handle it best? Well, here are some strategies and techniques that can help you create the most realistic workforce training programmes ever.

Why do you need realism in your workforce training modules?

Workforce training requires a separate set of strategies. Hence, you cannot design workforce training modules with the same mindset that you design other online courses. Here are some major reasons why you should consider injecting some realism into your courses:

  • Real-world challenges: At work, challenges do not come with advance notice. Neither are there any prepared scripts about how you can solve the challenges. This is why you need courses that capture the soul of real-world challenges and present them to your learners so they can learn how to think on their feet.
  • Research, analysis, solution: Whenever we are faced with a problem, the golden rule is to follow the thread of research, analyse the problem and then come up with a designed solution. Injecting realism into your courses, helps you to create courses online that hone the practical and analytical skills of your learners.
  • Higher concept retention: The major reason why workforce training modules need such special attention is that they deal with topics that learners find difficult. For example, if your workforce training module focuses on how to handle a piece of machinery or digital device then you need to make sure that your module is easy to retain. Realism helps you attain easy concept retention with your learners.

What are the Advantages of Realism?

Here, let us discuss the benefits of having something realistic over just having a fictional scenario which has very slim chances of ever actually happening in real life :

  • Learners can connect better: With a realistic situation, the person can easily connect with what is being tried to convey in the course and this leads to a good and effective course. If the material consists of something which will rarely happen in real life, then though for that moment, they might connect with it but it will not be effective in the long run.
  • Easier to recall: Is has been found out that when a person faces a situation for the second time in his life, he can easily recall what happened the previous time unless much time has passed between the two events. Thus, if the learner is made to face that situation in a course and then told what the right answer is, then he will act accordingly in the real world when the same situation arises. Then he will recall from memory and do the right action as taught to him.
  • Better Grasp of Real-world Dynamics: Having a realistic scenario helps the learner to prepare them for the real world and what to expect, what challenges and hurdles await them. It gives them a better idea of real issues and prepares them in advance for most of the issues and thus when they face the same situation in the real world. It poses no challenge to them as they are already properly equipped with the knowledge to fight it.

It isn’t easy to come up with training modules that are effective at upskilling workforces. However, realistic concepts and challenges can help make your task easy. At we offer various course designing tools and third-party sales and marketing tools to make the training appear more realistic than ever. Now that you know about all the gains of injecting realism into your courses, you can visit their website and launch your training modules using the ultimate platform.

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