Why It Is Important To Choose A Gamification LMS For Your Workforce Training

by Anand Tiwary July 27, 2020

Human beings generally have a short span of attention regarding most things and hence studying or your LMS can also become boring after a speculated period to time. To overcome that challenge, gamification comes into the picture. It helps to keep the learners motivated and it makes the whole process fun and interesting for them. It provides a platform for interactive learning and the opportunity to connect with the subject in an engaging way. Countless studies have shown proof that there is a link between gamified learning and an improved retention and adoption process. Given below are some ways to create and sell courses online which will take advantage of this factor and turn your simple LMS into a great and fun one.

  1. Provides a fun way to learn and keep track of progress.

    An LMS where people are motivated and they really enjoy to complete the course, there they will be motivated to learn better and even grab a chance to earn rewards. This will provide better results and be appealing to both the employees and the management of the organisation. The team leaders can individually monitor everyone’s progress on their team and motivate or help them temporarily to bridge the gal and help them grow.

  2. Great place to try, fail and fail until you succeed

    A new employee can either put their skills to use in the production or the real world but wouldn’t it better to let them master it first in a virtual environment till they are comfortable with it? This way it reduces any chance of errors on their part and they get a chance to learn from their mistakes. A gamified version of the LMS helps to improve the retention and absorption of the new skills. It helps to build their confidence. They are free to try out new approaches and ways without the risk of any real-world backlash in case of a failure which motivates them to succeed.

  3. There is no waiting for anyone to see their score

    Nobody will ever need to wait to see their is one of the best features of E-learning. That there is a loop of instant feedback and growth via results. You can instantly move on to accomplish the next challenge or you can try again till you succeed. The no waiting time is due to the process of checking and the result being automated and instantly available for all which is a strong motivation for many who want to progress at their own pace.

  4. Mini-games can be released from time to time

    You don’t need to make a full module for an addition to the course of the LMS but you can simply add a mini-game which are quick and easy to make and then integrate it according to your needs. They require minimal context and as the company develops, everyone will be able to keep up and later this can be turned into a full game or a course but everyone will be aware and they will upskill them gradually as the game develops.

  5. Game mechanics have a positive impact on the learner.

    The repetitive experience of a game can even help a period who is struggling with the course, complete it eventually as it is beneficial to improve retention. Practising multiple times also helps to improve to train people better and make them good at this. Thus as the age-old saying goes, practice does make anyone better.\

  6. Social aspects help to improve teamwork and bonding

    The social platforms which are given by the gamified LMS help to build trust and the team spirit for their growth. One should encourage them to chat and seek out new challenges which can be done together as a collaborative way of learning and upskilling everyone together. Their list of achievement or a social badge can enhance the social experience of the LMS and motivate them to work harder.

  7. Personalisation of the employees and freedom for them on how to improve themselves

    With a gamified LMS, the employees are free to choose the courses which are best suited for them and thus how a course can fill their goals and gaps. Someone can work hard towards a particular badge or complete challenges and tasks to gather up points towards a specific goal. It helps them to gather a primary source of motivation and also to develop a professional development which helps them in the organisation.

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